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water quality

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11/13/2016 14:17 EST

The tap water here in Asuncion isn't good at all (because it is contaminated and has bacteria) and so I've been drinking and cooking with bottled water but lately I've been feeling really lousey and tired and so bought a test kit to test the water. So far I've tested two brands and found out I've been drinking the worse one. Dasani is advertised as being mineralized water and yet it had no healthy minerals, only bad ones (copper, cadmium, or cobalt, not sure because the test wasn't very specific). It had a really acidic PH which also proves it to be devoid of minerals. It also had bacteria. Seltz was better in that it had some healthy minerals (and the PH to prove it) and no bacteria. But it also had one or more of those 3 unwanted minerals. (Actually copper isn't bad in low dosages but I don't know it's dosage here if in fact it is here.) Also it has flouride added to it. So to avoid any more toxins I am buying a $164 water distiller that is made to use the local 220 volts AC. The distilled water eliminates 99% of all contaminants and actually aids your body in eliminating what toxins it has accumulated up to now.
I just tested two other brands of bottled water. De La Costa tested to have bacteria. It is untreated water from Paraguay aquafer. Aquafina is tap water purified thru a 7 step process. It did not have any bacteria.
Tap water in Asuncion usually has too little chlorine in it to kill all the bacteria but sometimes they put too much in which is really bad for the skin when you shower, and also bad for plants.

7/6/2017 09:17 EST

I donĀ“t know where some of the info from the other posts come from.

Water in Paraguay is ok. You will see it white sometimes due to too much air. Sometimes the water company (ESSAP) is doing work in the area without notifying anyone. In some of those cases, we get water that looks somewhat brown or red from sand. We should let it run for a few minutes and goes back to normal. If you are a foreigner and would like to make sure not to get sick from the water then one can buy a $15 electric water kettle. You can easily boil the water before drinking it.

For the most part the water is good, but one cannot be sure for sure :)

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11/15/2016 19:11 EST

Did you have the water tested or do you assume its polluted because of the taste? (I know city water in all of Paraguay is polluted because they get it from their polluted river. Make sure to never eat fish from this river.)

11/15/2016 16:39 EST

not in Asuncion only. red in Aregua either , drinking and wellwater is polluted [ I was searching for a house and was attreckted to low prices ], now I know why

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