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10/16/2020 11:21 EST

Welcome to the Netherlands forum. If you're new or have been using the forum a long time, please take a few minutes to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself and your life abroad. If you're a newcomer and have questions about living in Netherlands, post your introduction here and your questions and comments in a new topic.

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6/19/2021 23:49 EST

I’m the mom of a dual-national son who’s going from Chicago to the Netherlands for university.

I’m trying to figure out a bank account and good health insurance.

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6/19/2021 23:47 EST

My son is a Dutch citizen who’s never lived in the Netherlands and is going from Chicago to Amsterdam for university. We’re trying to figure out how to get him a bank account and health insurance.

If any who sells health insurance or FATCA—friendly bank accounts sees this: Goede dag! Help!!!!

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10/16/2020 13:22 EST

Hoi, hoi,
I moved to Amsterdam not knowing a soul after my husband died. I have no children. I knew they spoke English. And, my life has been as an educator in Art History and the fine arts. They have incredible museums and venues. It seemed like a goed choice.
I fell in love with Amsterdam!
I took a Dutch class and made some new friends from everywhere. I still don't speak Dutch.
Unfortunately, I had to return to Connecticut. My plan was to return to A'dam October 2020. Plans change.
I will be fine and adjust my sails. However, I hope to return in another three years.
Most of my friends there are Dutch and we keep in contact.
I am very grateful for those who proven to be true friends. There's a lot to be said about the Dutch culture and people.
I'm happy to help with any questions.
Ik ben dankbaar...

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