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On-Site Representative for Untours

We're looking for someone who enjoys interacting with people (Americans/Canadians) and helping them get the most out of their visit to Porto..


Part-time, on-site staff person for seasonal, semi-independent tour groups to Northern Portugal

We operate Untours, one-week or two-week semi-independent apartment-based tour packages for Americans. We have programs in a dozen European countries. Our clients, mostly of retirement age, stay in private apartments in small European towns, villages or residential sections of major cities. They have substantial local support for their stay, but no daily itinerary. We provide our own guidebook of the region as well as a map and encourage clients to learn how to navigate the public transportation system and/or the local roads so they can tour the countryside and visit towns and sights on their own. We are looking for a support person, not a tour guide. We need someone who can help our clients settle into their vacation homes and give them the tools they need to discover a new country and a new culture on their own.

Our on-site support person is very important in giving our clients a good travel experience. We are looking for someone who is friendly, who enjoys working with people, who is flexible and resourceful. Candidates should be familiar with Northern Portugal and its sites and resources. The job is part-time (about 15 - 20 hours a week) and involves daytime hours on every Wednesday and Thursday during our season (March-November).



Airport Escort -- You would meet clients in person at the Porto airport and accompany them on this transfer, or you will give them directions to their apartment or a central meeting point. Arrivals would happen on most Wednesdays from March to November. Groups may arrive all at once, or arrival times may be spread throughout the day.This part of the job requires good coordinating and problem solving skills. Groups may be large, and sometimes flights are delayed or passengers miss flights and arrive later, so you will need to deal effectively with problems or changes in plans. Ultimately, you will be asked to check in with each of our arriving clients on their first day, either by telephone or by visiting them in their apartments shortly after their arrival, especially since there will be some clients arriving independently either from the train station or by car from elsewhere in Portugal.

Orientation -- The morning after our clients arrive, you would hold an orientation session. This means you will plan a meeting to welcome our new guests. The Orientation session generally lasts about 2 hours. You would cover the basics like how to use the train & bus systems, local roads, parking, and other details about driving. You can also give them suggestions for how to shop, where to eat, safety and other practical information. You would tell clients about special events (strikes, festivals, etc.) which are happening during their stay. The second part of the session is devoted to answering questions the clients have. And they will have a lot: Where do we go for a good meal? How do we get to the Douro wine region? How will we get back to the airport? You should have a good working knowledge of the region and its sights and know where and how to quickly find answers to questions if you do not know the answer immediately. Coordinating a group event -- In all of our programs, we offer guests a chance to get together with each other and the staff person. You would plan a chance for all the people to gather, maybe for a meal in a restaurant or for a tour of a museum or artisan’s studio, ideally something clients could not do easily on their own. Contact for guests -- You will help us reach our clients if we have important messages from home for them. You will also be available by phone to help them with questions and problems that arise. This might mean tracking down a missing suitcase with an airline or helping a client see a doctor if he or she gets sick. Because of the likely potential for emergencies, the job requires you are available to answer calls at odd hours or to assist in medical situations as needed. Research -- You would keep abreast of things like airline delays, road closures and construction. You will need to keep us and our clients informed of potential problems throughout their stay. And you would collect tourist literature/maps to share with our guests, and keep this information up to date. You would also compile listings of events our guests might enjoy during their stay, offering a packet of welcome information for each arrival that is updated as exhibits and events change.
Language(s) Required:
English, Portuguese
Full/Part Time:
Part-time seasonal
Based on experience
Contact Name:
415 E. Jasper St. Media PA USA 19063

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