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Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador: The Paradise Peninsula

By Dean LaCoursiere

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International Citizens Insurance

Summary: After years of exploring Central and South America, LaCoursiere found his paradise - Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador.

Paradise Found - Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

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About the Author

Dean LaCoursiere has lived in or visited 12 Latin Countries. Fluent in Spanish and familiar with the cultures he is constantly seeking out places less or undiscovered with expats in mind. Finding low-budget retirement locations is his mission. [email protected].

Summary: Is health insurance a requirement when you are moving to Ecuador? This article explores health insurance requirements for newcomers to Ecuador.

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International Citizens Insurance

International Citizens Insurance
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Oct 1, 2010 14:52

Checking into a move from US to Bahia Interested in apt. rental, at least for now. Any Idea of prices? E-mail to [email protected] Thanks

Oct 20, 2010 15:23

Like Guest, I'm also checking coastal areas in Ecuador (Salinas, Puerto Lopez, Manta and Bahia) as my retirement place. I'll visit these places in 2011 for only two weeks and later decide which place I would rent an apt. Please email me the current rate for a furnished apt in Bahia at [email protected]. If this article was posted one or more years ago, please include the current cost of living especially food prices in Mercado and restaurants. Thanks!

Oct 20, 2010 15:37

Like Guest, I'm planning to check the coastal areas in Ecuador specifically Salinas, Puerto Lopez, Manta and Bahia in 2011. I'll visit these places for only two weeks and decide which place I would rent a fully furnished apt. Please let me know how much the current monthly rent and if this article was written one or more years ago, please give me an updated cost of living (2010) especially on food items if you buy it from the mercado or if you eat in restaurants. I'm retired and looking for a retirement place with friendly and peace loving people. Thanks so much!

Oct 25, 2010 12:06

Not sure if Dean is still in Bahia. I have trabelled there as well as Salinas, Quito, Cuenca and Banos. I loved all but Quito due to higher poulation, smog/pollution caused by the city being in a 'bowl' between the mountains, etc.

Nov 11, 2010 11:48

The author has moved from Bahai and the site is not kept current.....

Jan 19, 2011 12:56

Apparently "Dean" no longer lives in "Paradise". Does anyone out there have first hand infco on Bahia de Caraquez? or about the pro's and con's of retiring in Ecuador. If Bahia is anything like what Dean claims, then I am intereted. I am currently living in Cali, Colombia.. don

Mar 3, 2011 22:16

LaCoursiere, I am interested in buying some beachfront property in Bahia, do you know if there is any beachfront property for sale in Bahia. Thanks, Peg [email protected]

Apr 2, 2011 14:39

Hi Dean I am planning to visit Ecuador in October of this year for a month. I am planning on going to cuenca and surrounding areas and then off to the coastal areas, looking for a fit for me to buy property and start my new life. Thank you for the info. val

Apr 17, 2011 11:27

Why was living in Ecuador a huge mistake for Mr. LaCourdiere?

Apr 17, 2011 11:28

Why did he leave?

Sep 21, 2011 10:55

We are looking to retire in Ecuador and strongly looking at the Bahia area. What are the current rental rates for a small home and are the prices you mentioned in the article from 2008 still along the same lines. Thanks Ernie & Marty

Dec 20, 2011 07:24

Great article. appreciate your well thought out words. very helpful. will add to my list of visits for sure. happy holidays.

May 25, 2012 15:34

I am intrested in ecuador for relocating .How do you find the B&B business.

Sep 15, 2012 19:52

Bahias nice More like 4000 populates then 30,000. , the 30,000 would be including all the surrounding areas over a 10 km stretch Its very quiet here, a nice place to settle down.

Dec 5, 2012 17:15

Bahia is a still locale yet it can get utltrey bustling as well depending upon a time of a year. Overall yet it's quiet. It used to have a lot some-more beach a integrate of decades back? yet a goods of El Nif1o a 1998 trembler altered a shape. In Ecuador, distinct alternative places similar to Brazil there aren't which most grown cities by a beach alternative than Manta. I'd contend Manta is a greatest city right upon a seaside as well as which substantially usually has 300,000 people.

Dec 5, 2012 21:20

We are a family of four (children ages 4 & 6) and will be anivrirg in Cuenca about October 26. We'd like to have a furnished rental for just 1 to 2 months within 10 minutes walk of city center for $700/month or less. Available Internet is desirable, of course. We'll be looking for a longer-term rental while there. (We may also be interested in purchasing property but aren't sure of that yet.)How do you charge for helping us find a rental?Thank you.Matt Scherr

Dec 8, 2012 02:28

This is the only way to adapt to living in aoethnr culture go with the flow. I've encountered so many administrative hurdles over the last 3 years living in Paris, but it builds your resilience and you naturally become more resourceful, finding ways to master the system which is meant to cause problems.Connecting with others who have been through similar battles is also essential because they're always willing to help and give their insight which could prevent you from having to encounter the same obstacles.I've also learned that the expat community in Paris is strong and supportive much more supportive than the same group might be if we were all in the States.No matter where you are abroad, things are bound to be different. But the people that STAY abroad and thrive on living outside of their comfort zone end up learning so much more about life and about themselves than those who choose to stay in one place forever.

Dec 8, 2012 13:00

Hello Landys and Gentleman,we are German-Citizen and life in USA.Now we are retired and we want move for Lifetime of a Retirement-Visa to Ecuador.In the beinnnigg we want rent a hous in the near from the the coast or in the near from cuenza.Our idea is a house, unfurnished be couse, we want bring our Furniture over to Ecuador.We think over a house with 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, nice Kitchen, Living, Diningroom and Launfryroom. Also connection for TV-Email and Phone.We like a property witha backyard.We will pay per month between $ 500- up to $ 650.00 per month.Can you send us per Email spezial Offer, then our son's coming over and inspect some property's.We want rent for 5 years with the option for maybe another 3 or 5 years.Thank you for your cooperation.Best regards Christel and Werner Doehre

Dec 8, 2012 15:05

I will not answer any requests for rent prices etc on this forum, quit wasting your and my time and just come there are places in all price ranges.

Dec 10, 2012 17:09

What Dean has written about Bahia de Curaquez is true today as when he wrote it a couple yeras ago. We have lived here for aqlmost 4 years and while costs have gone up a bit, where havent they gone up, we still live on $900 a month. Yes food has increased with lunch now $2 to $3 and dinners from $5 to $8. We still buy a weeks groceries at the fresh food market for under $12 , staples at $20 and meat and fish at $20. We eat well and mostly vegetable and fruits with enough meat and fish to maintain our health. We rented the first year for $150 a month unfurnished, second and third year for $220 a month and now have built our own home. Utilities including internet runs less than $70 a month. I have been away from the forum for a year while building the house but have maintained my book sales , retire Cheap in Ecuador on $30 a day. For information email me at drdonsandersatgmail.com. Glad to be back.

Apr 7, 2013 02:35

Thank you for a great article. Bahia looks like a perfect place for me and my husband. We are living now in USA on the West coast on our sailboat and planing to sail to Ecuador to find a new home. Iva Talacko [email protected]

Sep 28, 2016 11:27

What type of fishing may I expect

Feb 17, 2018 21:11

Does anyone have info on kids' activities in Bahia, or more specifically Canoa?

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International Citizens Insurance

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