France: Medical Evacuation Insurance

Medical evacuation insurance for expats in France is often included or an add-on module in an international health insurance plan. Additionally, some companies offer medical evacuation services independent of a broader health insurance plan. Both types of medical evacuation insurance are designed to repatriate you in the event of a medical emergency. To learn more about the specifics of each plan, take a look at our partner companies below.

Travel MedEvac

Travel MedEvac

If hospitalized with a serious or critical medical condition, expats and those traveling away from home now have a choice where they are treated. Travel MedEvac, the premium air medical transport plan, provides air medical transport to your hospital of choice in your home country, back to your family, your healthcare network and your doctors.

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Cigna Global Health

Cigna Global Health

Cigna Global Health's medical evacuation module offers medical evacuation in the event that treatment is not available locally in an emergency, as well as repatriation, allowing the beneficiary to return to their country of habitual residence or nationality.

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