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Just Kooki

What the fuschia duck? American-born, Swiss-immigrated, Qatar-living, mother-of-two, wife-to-one, kooki cookie maker, buffling through life with a feisty 5-year-old, a 10-year-old going on 16, and a Swiss husband, age unidentified.

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Just Kooki

A little off the grid.

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Paradise Promised in Seychelles?

Escaping the rat race of London to enjoy the idyllic shores of the Seychelles - does it live up to the dream?

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The Fig and the Olive

Delectable bits and nomadic ramblings from a tranquil life in the Middle East. Daily life of an American expat family in Doha, Qatar.

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Living in Qatar GuideLiving in Qatar Guide

Expats in Qatar share their tips for living in Qatar. From school wait lists to life for single expat women, expats open up about the challenges and rewards of life in Qatar.

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