Travel MedEvac

Travel MedEvac

If hospitalized with a serious or critical medical condition, expats and those traveling away from home now have a choice where they are treated. Travel MedEvac, the premium air medical transport plan, provides air medical transport to your hospital of choice in your home country, back to your family, your healthcare network and your doctors.

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Protecting one's health, wealth and time when emergencies strike is especially important when living or traveling abroad. Most expat international health plans and medical evacuation coverage only take you to the "nearest adequate facility" when hospitalized, leaving you far from home and your healthcare provider. Many of the plans also have limits on the medical coverage, including the length of a hospital stay. Travel MedEvac provides a solution to fill the gap. We give you choices, not restrictions. If you are a US or Canadian citizen or legal resident and living abroad in one of our expat service area countries and are hospitalized with a serious or critical injury or illness, Travel MedEvac will bring you to your home hospital of choice. An air medical transport from outside the US or Canada can range from $20,000 to well over $100,000 out of pocket without Travel MedEvac. If you think air ambulance companies will bill you later, think again. They require payment in full prior to arranging a transport. Even if you can afford to pay on your own, the time it takes to find and arrange a quality provider can add further stress and risk to one's health in a critical situation. Travel MedEvac solves these challenges by utilizing our preferred provider, Air Ambulance Worldwide, to manage all the logistics of an air medical transport. Air Ambulance Worldwide utilizes an extensive network of highly accredited air ambulance providers to ensure Travel MedEvac members not only have the best care, but a timely response as well. Their network includes only EURAMI or CAMTS accredited air ambulance providers, the highest accreditation in the air ambulance industry. No deductibles, no claim forms and no out of pocket expenses. Furthermore several other enhanced services are all part of the plan.

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