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Living and working in Dubai: If you want to know the realities of life in Dubai, this is the only book to buy.

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Seldom has a city garnered so much world attention in so short a time span as Dubai; its ground-breaking developments are well documented and have become the stuff of fascination and admiration from all corners of the globe. However, every city in the world has its good and bad points, and Dubai is no different. Yet, surprisingly, you'll be hard pressed to find any books that paint the emirate in less than upbeat, expansive brush strokes.

Living and working in Dubai peeks under the city's veil by offering a different, yet impartial, perspective that not only highlights the city's many positive aspects but, uniquely, all its aspects. By simply striking this balance and offering a fully rounded account of living and working in the emirate, those tempted to join Dubai's party can, for the first time, do so knowing what to expect.

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