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Please send your comments and experiences aboutinternational medical care to our RXpat blog for expats, study abroad students, and travelers looking for info.

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Sharri Whiting initiated RXpat to provide medical information for expats, study abroad atudents and travelers who wish to know something more about medical care in the countries they visit or live. She has lived in Namibia, the Netherlands, the US and Italy and traveled worldwide. She has discovered that upfront knowledge of what to expect lessens anxiety for the person who becomes sick away from the home. She has also learned that just because something is done differently from the homse country does not mean it is wrong or bad medical care. This is a non-political forum, where guests may read of others' experiences and share their own. There is also information about common medical issues, as well as links to other sites. Interested readers are encouraged to add their comments and experiences; the writer welcomes the opportunity to interview experts on various issues or to publish guest blog entries on particular subjects if they are of interest to a large number of people. The writer retains the right to edit these entries; political commentary is not the purpose of this blog.
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