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Wander with me as I discover how to get the most out of traveling on a budget, and how to live as an expat anywhere in the world.

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In September 2011, my boyfriend and I decided to quit our jobs, take our savings and buy one-way tickets to Paris.

My philosophy is that it’s pure insanity not to try everything, experience everything, and do exactly what we want with our lives. Perhaps I’m speaking from youthful naivety, but I am convinced that people are capable of having everything they want simply by believing those things to be possible. Moreover, I believe one cannot have true self-awareness without knowing who you are when you are pushed to the edge of your boundaries and comfort zones, and exist without the safety of routine and familiarity.

I had only left North America once before beginning this trip, therefore I’m learning how to travel as I go, sharing my successes and flat-on-my-face moments. To keep our costs low, we seek out work and volunteer opportunities wherever we go. We are as much roaming expats as we are travelers.

My goal is to provide the inspiration and information to make traveling and relocation possible for anyone and everyone who has ever wanted to see the world.

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