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Vamos Down South

This blog talks about my family and i moving to Panama step by step on weekly basis and the experience that we are living.

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Following political and never ending raises of corruption among governments and enterprises is posing an economic crisis among the population. Now being officialy in recession, the people of Canada are facing another day to day pressure to make ends meet. This is one of the main reasons why I have decided to post a blog on the world wide web. This will show some of our day to day living but also give tools eventually to those who dream to go south and make a living there. Also, for those who have children, we will demonstrate that our 4 children, 4 great danes will move by land, furniture by container. The how and when will be given most likely in real time every day through our trip. Keep posted and hoping everyone will enjoy reading us and maybe give them our ambition to go south. Mario
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