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From finding the right bank to managing your investments to the dreaded tax return, expats face unique challenges. Share your experiences and advice with others.

As a way of helping expats research life abroad, Expat Exchange uses advice shared in our Expat Report Series to create articles that aggregate information about specific topics relevant to international relocation. We never include private information when we do this. Even though we NEVER sell, rent, or share our members private information, please consider carefully what private or personal information you share with others in our Expat Reports. Read more

Which country are you reporting about?

If you live in the US, which state do you live in?

What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?

Which country are you a citizen of?

Did you switch to a new expat-focused bank when you moved abroad? What types of special services do they offer?

What advice would you offer others about banking abroad?

What sort of challenges or frustrations have you encountered as an investor?

What advice was particularly helpful to you in managing your finances? What advice would you give? Any other thoughts?

Do you do your own taxes, use a local firm, an expat-oriented firm or does your employer handle this for you (i.e. via an corporate tax firm)?

What advice could you offer others about doing your taxes as an expat?

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