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About-85Percent-of-Expats-in-Italy-Report-Being-Happy-ThereExpat Survey: 85% of Expats in Italy Report Being Happy There
Our recent survey of expatriates found that 85% of expats.in Italy love their experience living in the Mediterranean nation.

Expats-Give-Italy-High-MarksExpat Survey: Expats Give Italy High Marks
Expats in Italy report loving their lifestyle and experiences in the Mediterranean nation despite the challenges of a slow-moving bureaucracy.

Tips-for-Expats-in-ItalyExpat Banking: Tips for Expats in Italy
All expats.in Italy face managing their finances while living there, and that always starts with finding a bank. Here are some tips from expats.already living in Italy based on their actual experiences with banks there.

Top-6-Cities-in-Italy-for-Expat-JobsTop 6 Cities in Italy for Expat Jobs
Finding an expat job in Italy can be challenging. Here are 6 cities in Italy where expats.have been able to find a job and live their expat dream.

5-Movies-to-Get-You-Excited-About-Living-in-ItalyExpats in Italy: 5 Movies to Get You Excited About Living in Italy
Life in Italy for expats.is glamorized in the movies, and there's nothing at all wrong with that. Here are 5 movies set in Italy that will help you fall in love with Italy all over again.

Buying-Property-in-ItalyBuying Property in Italy
Avvocato Carlo Bottino offers an overview of the Italian property buying process and related legal considerations. Expats interested in buying property in Italy should understand the steps - and hire an Italian lawyer!

7-Important-Tips-for-Retirees-in-ItalyRetiring in Italy: 7 Important Tips for Retirees in Italy
Expats in Italy share 7 important tips for those preparing to retire in Italy - topics include healthcare and health insurance, the elective residency visa, taxes on pensions, inheritance and more.

5-Great-Places-to-Retire-in-Western-Europe5 Great Places to Retire in Western Europe
We asked expats.about great places to retire in Western Europe. While many Western European countries have prohibitively high living costs, there are a few areas that fit the retirement bill. These are some of the recommendations!

Living in Italy: Challenges and Culture Shock
For many expats. settling into life in Italy is anything but a dream. Members share their experiences with culture shock and general frustration.

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