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95Percent-of-Expats-in-Portugal-Love-Living-ThereExpat Survey: 95% of Expats in Portugal Love Living There
Our survey to determine the Best Places to Live in 2022 found that 95% of expats.are either extremely or very satisfied with their life in Portugal.

Digital-Nomads-in-Madeira-IslandsDigital Nomads Village: Madeira Islands
As the growth of digital nomads has exploded in recent years, governments around the world are beginning to understand the potential they present. Madeira Islands is trying to seize this opportunity with its innovative digital nomads village project.

Expats-in-Portugal-Are-Loving-LifeExpat Survey: Expats in Portugal Are Loving Life
Not surprisingly, expats.in Portugal are very happy with the quality of the expat experience they enjoy on the Iberian Peninsula. Read on to see how satisfied and read some quotes about what it's like to live there.

-Digital-Nomads-in-PortugalLiving Abroad: Digital Nomads in Portugal
The ranks of digital nomads are swelling across the globe, and Portugal, Lisbon in particular, is one of the hottest locations anywhere.

Tips-for-Expats-in-PortugalExpat Banking: Tips for Expats in Portugal
All expats.in Portugal contend with managing their finances while living there, and that always starts with finding a bank. Here are some tips from expats.already living in Portugal on how to navigate that process.

The-8-Best-Countries-for-Brits-to-Retire-AbroadThe 8 Best Countries for Brits to Retire Abroad
Many Brits choose to retire to Australia and the United States. In addition to these popular locales, Ryan Smith recommends several other great retirement destinations for British retirees.

5-Great-Places-to-Retire-in-Western-Europe5 Great Places to Retire in Western Europe
We asked expats.about great places to retire in Western Europe. While many Western European countries have prohibitively high living costs, there are a few areas that fit the retirement bill. These are some of the recommendations!

Working In Portugal
Whether you are searching for jobs in Portugal or considering self employment there, this article offers insight into the various types of employment contracts, self employment methods, tax issues and paid holidays.

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