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Algeria Travel Warning

Issued by US Department of State

Feb 03, 2003

This Travel Warning supersedes the Travel Warning dated December 11, 2001, and is being re-issued to alert Americans to ongoing security concerns in Algeria.

The Department of State urges U.S. citizens to evaluate carefully considerations for their security and safety before traveling to Algeria. Although markedly fewer incidents have taken place in Algeria in recent years, random terrorist attacks still occur in rural and remote areas, on public transportation outside the major cities, and in some parts of the country at night. In the past year, the greater Algiers area has seen sporadic terrorist attacks, including drive-by shootings of police and small explosive devices placed in or near markets and bus stops.

The Department of State cautions Americans who reside or travel in Algeria despite this warning to take prudent security measures while in the country. Americans should consider arranging for pre-determined local contacts to meet and accompany them upon arrival and departure at Algerian airports. Nighttime and overland travel outside the greater Algiers area should be avoided if possible. Visitors to Algeria are advised to stay only in the large, internationally recognized hotels where security is provided. U.S. citizens should consider having a known Algerian companion accompany them when moving anywhere in Algeria, whether in the capital city of Algiers, or in other cities and rural areas.

U.S. Embassy personnel take all of the precautions mentioned above. Embassy employees, as well as official visitors, live on or adjacent to the Embassy compound, or reside in Embassy-approved hotels. They travel off compound by armored car only with appropriate security, whether for official business or personal reasons. Employees are permitted to travel outside the capital only for official business and with appropriate security. U.S. oil companies operating in the desert region south of the Saharan Atlas Mountains, as well as Algerian government officials, also take similar security precautions to ensure their safety. Family members of American Embassy employees are not permanently assigned to Algiers at this time, but adult family members are permitted to visit post on a short-term basis.

Americans who remain in Algeria despite this travel warning are urged to register and to obtain updated information on travel and security in Algeria at the Consular Section at the U.S. Embassy in Algeria. The embassy is located at 4 Chemin Cheikh Bachir El-Ibrahimi, B.P. 408 (Alger-Gare) 16000, in the capital city of Algiers. The embassy can be reached at telephone [213] (21) 691-425/255/186; fax [213] (21) 69-39-79; or thorugh the web site at us-embassy.eldjazair.net.dz.

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