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Yemen Public Announcement

Issued by US Department of State

Jan 14, 2002

The Department of State has received reports indicating a credible terrorist threat to U.S. interests in Yemen, including the U.S. Embassy. In response, the American Embassy in Sanaa has taken a number of measures to further increase its already hightened security posture. As part of that response, the Embassy in Sanaa has temporarily suspended public services, including immigrant visa and routine American citizen services, beginning Monday, January 14. Non-immigrant visa processing has been restricted since September 12, 2001.

Americans requiring emergency citizen services can contact the Consular Section at 303-155.

As stated in the Travel Warning for Yemen dated December 3, 2001, the U.S. Embassy urges American citizens in Yemen to maintain their vigilance and take appropriate steps to lessen their vulnerability. Americans should continue to keep a low profile, vary routes and times of travel, and avoid large crowds and demonstrations. They should also continue to treat mail from unfamiliar sources with suspicion. American citizens in Yemen should exercise particular caution at locations associated with foreigners, such as the Sanaa Trade Center, American-affiliated franchises, restaurants and shops in the Haddah area, and, in Aden and elsewhere, at restaurants and hotels frequented by expatriates.

If U.S. citizens believe they are being followed or threatened while driving in Yemen, they should proceed as quickly as possible to the nearest police station or major intersection and request assistance from the blue-and-white police cars stationed there. The Embassy strongly recommends that American citizens lock all their car doors and keep their windows rolled up when driving.

For further information concerning travel to Yemen, traveleres should consult the Department of State's Travel Warning and Consular Information Sheet for Yemen at

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