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Haiti Travel Warning

Issued by US Department of State

Mar 11, 2016

The State Department has revised the Travel Alert issued on January 11, 2016 concerning the election period. The latest announced date for the twice-postponed elections is April 24, 2016. This Travel Alert expires on June 10, 2016.

Tensions remain high and we strongly urge U.S. citizens to exercise caution and remain abreast of the security situation as the electoral process progresses to a resolution. Particular possible flashpoints would be the period leading up to and immediately following the date of the election, the date results are announced, and the inauguration of a new President – now set for May 14, 2016.

You can expect there to be restrictions on traffic circulation, either imposed by the authorities or caused by ad hoc political rallies. The Embassy Security Office has advised Embassy employees not involved in election monitoring to avoid unnecessary movement outside of their residences on the day of elections. Because of this, and as a general matter of emergency preparedness, you should maintain adequate supplies of food, water, essential medicines, and other supplies that will allow you to shelter in place for at least 72 hours.

Monitor local media for any changes in the election schedule. The U.S. Embassy may update this Travel Alert as the schedule or circumstances change.

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