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Jurmala has a public and private healthcare system. The public healthcare system is called the Latvian National Health Service (NHS) and is used by both locals and foreigners. People generally recommend using public hospitals in Jurmala for serious medical emergencies and major surgery. Public hospitals in Jurmala are well-equipped and staffed with experienced medical professionals. Foreigners, including expats and digital nomads, are allowed to use the public healthcare system in Latvia. However, many expats choose to use private hospitals for serious medical emergencies and major surgery due to the shorter wait times and more personalized care. Private hospitals in Jurmala are modern and offer a wide range of services.

Hospitals and Clinics for Expats in Jurmala

There are several recommended clinics and hospitals in Jurmala for expats. The J?rmala City Hospital is a public hospital located in the center of the city. It offers a wide range of services, including emergency care, general surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology. The J?rmala Private Hospital is a private hospital located in the center of the city. It specializes in orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, and ophthalmology. The J?rmala Medical Center is a private clinic located in the center of the city. It specializes in family medicine, general surgery, and dermatology.

Emergency Services in Jurmala

Jurmala has an ambulance service that can be called by dialing 112. Ambulances typically arrive quickly, but there can be delays depending on the time of day and the severity of the emergency.

Health Insurance Companies in Jurmala

The most popular private health insurers in Jurmala are BTA Baltic Insurance Company, Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group, and ERGO Insurance SE. Expats and digital nomads typically use these companies, although some may choose to use specialized expat health insurance providers.

Insider Tips from Expats in Jurmala: Health Care

“I’ve been living in Jurmala for a while now, and I can tell you that it’s definitely possible to live comfortably on $5,000 a month, even if you’re used to modern amenities. Of course, you might have to make some sacrifices, but overall, it’s a great place to live.First, let’s talk about housing. Jurmala is a popular summer destination, so prices can be higher in certain areas. I’d recommend looking for an apartment or house in neighborhoods like Lielupe, Bulduri, or Majori. These areas are more affordable and still offer a good quality of life. You might want to avoid neighborhoods like Dzintari or Pumpuri, as they tend to be more expensive.When it comes to transportation, you can save money by using public transportation, which is quite reliable and affordable. A monthly pass for public transport costs around 50 euros. If you prefer to drive, keep in mind that gas prices can be a bit higher than in other countries, but it’s still manageable within your budget.Groceries and eating out are also quite affordable in Jurmala. You can find a variety of supermarkets and local markets where you can buy fresh produce and other essentials at reasonable prices. Eating out at restaurants can be a bit more expensive, especially in the touristy areas, but there are plenty of more affordable options if you’re willing to explore a bit.As for entertainment and leisure activities, there’s plenty to do in Jurmala without breaking the bank. The beach is free, and there are many parks and nature trails to enjoy. There are also several cultural events and festivals throughout the year that are either free or have a minimal entrance fee.In terms of sacrifices, you might find that some imported goods or luxury items are more expensive in Latvia than in other countries. However, if you’re willing to adapt and embrace the local lifestyle, you’ll find that Jurmala offers a great quality of life at a reasonable cost.Overall, I think you’ll find that living in Jurmala on $5,000 a month is not only possible but also quite enjoyable. Just be prepared to make some adjustments and explore the more affordable neighborhoods and options available to you,” commented an expat living in Jurmala.

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