The Insider’s Guide to Nairobi, Kenya

Our Guide to Nairobi: Top Attractions, Culinary Hotspots, Nightlife, and More. Plus, Tips on Making Connections with the Locals and Finding Fun Recreational Activities

Welcome to Nairobi! If you’re planning to move to Nairobi, congratulations on taking the first step towards a new adventure. While there are many things to think about before you leave, such as visas, housing, and transportation, it’s important to remember that once you arrive, the fun really begins. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best sites, restaurants, and nightlife that Nairobi has to offer, as well as provide tips on recreational activities and making friends in Nairobi.

Nairobi is a vibrant city with plenty of attractions for both tourists and locals. The city is home to a variety of museums, parks, and other cultural sites. The National Museum of Kenya is a great place to learn about the country’s history and culture. The Nairobi National Park is a great place to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. The Giraffe Centre is a popular spot for visitors to get up close and personal with the giraffes. The Karen Blixen Museum is a great place to learn about the life of the author of Out of Africa. The Bomas of Kenya is a cultural village where visitors can learn about the different tribes of Kenya. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a great place to learn about the conservation efforts in the country.

Nairobi is also known for its vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene. Some of the most popular restaurants in the city include Carnivore, which serves up a variety of African and international dishes. The Talisman is a popular spot for seafood lovers, while the Tamarind is a great place to sample traditional Kenyan cuisine. For a more upscale experience, the Lord Erroll is a great option. The Alchemist Bar is a popular spot for drinks and live music. The Alchemist also hosts a variety of events, from comedy nights to live DJs. The Dormans Coffee House is a great spot for coffee and pastries.

Nairobi also offers plenty of recreational activities for visitors and locals alike. The Nairobi Arboretum is a great place to take a leisurely stroll and observe the local flora and fauna. The Nairobi National Park is a great place to go on a safari and observe the wildlife. The Ngong Hills are a popular spot for hiking and mountain biking. The Nairobi Racecourse is a great place to watch horse racing. The Nairobi Gymkhana Club is a great place to play golf and tennis. The Nairobi Waterfront is a great spot for swimming and other water sports.

Insider Tips from Expats in Nairobi: Making the Most of Life and Connections

“There are lots of social clubs. A good place to start is the notice board in many of the city’s main malls,” said one expat living in Nairobi.

“Nairobi is one of those rare places where you may be as invisible as you wish. It has this vibe where many people disappear home with their families not to be seen for months; they are chilling out, watching their gardens, writing books, taking their kids to the cinema, being romantic old fashioned families. Schools are a main socializing point its very old school and traditional. Malls and gyms provide many points of contact. We have harriers, which I hear is a great way to meet people. Java coffee shop with its world famous coffee and cuisine is also a fine way to meet up. There are wonderful art galleries such as Ramoma. The Alliance Francaise has film festivals and very good exhibitions and plays. Nightlife and Eating out we have a wide array of wonderful places to eat check out; such a lovely array of wonderful places to eat. Nightlife = www.,” wrote a member in Nairobi.

“Expats in Nairobi can join a variety of clubs and activities, such as sports clubs, book clubs, and language exchange groups. Expats can also meet people by attending events hosted by the local expat community, such as networking events, art exhibitions, and music concerts. Additionally, expats can join online forums and social media groups to connect with other expats living in Nairobi. Finally, expats can meet people by attending local festivals and events, such as the Nairobi International Film Festival and the Nairobi Marathon,” commented one expat who made the move to Nairobi.

“Kenyans are very family-centric and will be flattered if you show an interest in their home life. “Harambee” is the name of a family or community party which will require a small donation but is well worth attending. If you are invited to one by a Kenyan colleague, be sure to make a donation and attend, you won’t regret it. Music and nightclubs, bars and fun carnivals are regular events,” commented an expat living in Nairobi.

“Nairobi is traditional work first. But there is plenty of fun to be had many people take advantage of the holiday homes that dot the country and the absolutely stunning beaches of Watamu, Lamu and Diani. The cottages are mostly second homes for old Kenya families and steeped in beauty with tumbling exotic flowers and large open spaces to inhale the views; Kids are very treasured and there is plenty to do; Go to the National Park for a picnic catch sight of a lion or two. Splash and The Village Market have water parks that are wonderful. Paradise Lost is a large picnic site complete with boats and camels and ancient caves.,” said an expat in Nairobi.

“Life for expats and digital nomads in Nairobi is an exciting and vibrant experience. The city is a bustling hub of culture, art, and business, and offers a wide range of activities and attractions for those looking to explore. Expats and digital nomads can find a variety of coworking spaces, cafes, and restaurants to work from, as well as a vibrant nightlife and plenty of outdoor activities. The cost of living is relatively low, making it an attractive destination for those looking to live and work abroad. The city is also home to a diverse population, making it a great place to meet people from all over the world,” remarked one expat who made the move to Nairobi.

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Some of Betsy's articles include 12 Best Places to Live in Portugal, 7 Best Places to Live in Panama and 12 Things to Know Before Moving to the Dominican Republic. Betsy loves to travel and spend time with her family. Connect with Betsy on LinkedIn.

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