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Health Care in Stirling

Learn about the health system in Stirling: how it can and cannot be used by expats, nomads, retirees and others moving to and living in Stirling.

Stirling has a healthcare system that offers both public and private options for residents and visitors. The public healthcare system, known as the National Health Service (NHS), provides comprehensive care for all, while private healthcare facilities offer additional services for those who prefer or require them.

Scotland’s Healthcare System

Scotland’s public healthcare system, the National Health Service (NHS), provides free healthcare services to all residents, including foreigners. Public hospitals in Stirling are generally recommended for serious medical emergencies and major surgeries. A visit to a public hospital in Stirling would typically involve receiving care from experienced medical professionals in a well-equipped facility. Foreigners, including expats and digital nomads, are allowed to use the public healthcare system in Scotland. However, many expats choose to use private hospitals for their healthcare needs. Private hospitals in Stirling are also recommended for serious medical emergencies and major surgeries, offering a more personalized experience and shorter waiting times.

Hospitals and Clinics for Expats in Stirling

Some recommended hospitals and clinics in Stirling include:

  • Stirling Community Hospital (public) – located in Stirling
  • Stirling Royal Infirmary (public) – located in Stirling
  • Kings Park Hospital (public) – located in Stirling, specializing in mental health services
  • Spire Murrayfield Hospital (private) – located in Edinburgh, approximately 40 miles from Stirling
  • Nuffield Health Glasgow Hospital (private) – located in Glasgow, approximately 30 miles from Stirling
In case of emergencies or specialized medical care, expats in Stirling may also visit hospitals in nearby cities such as Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Emergency Services in Stirling

Stirling has ambulance services available for emergencies. To call for an ambulance, dial 999 or 112. Ambulance response times may vary, but they generally arrive quickly in urgent situations.

Health Insurance Companies in Stirling

Popular private health insurers in Stirling include AXA PPP Healthcare, Bupa, and Aviva. Expats and digital nomads may choose to use these local insurance providers or opt for specialized expat health insurance providers, depending on their needs and preferences. It is important to research and compare different insurance options to find the best coverage for individual circumstances.

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