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July 15, 2024

7 Best Neighborhoods in Mexico City

There are many nice neighborhoods, called colonias, in Mexico City. Expats often ask, "What are the best neighborhoods in Mexico City?" While most expats will explain that there really aren't neighborhoods in Mexico City that would be called expat enclaves, there are many that expats love. Here are some highlights from our article, 7 Best Neighborhoods in Mexico City:


Polanco is an upscale neighborhood in the Miguel Hidalgo borough of Mexico City that is sometimes described as the Beverly Hills of Mexico. Avenida Presidente Masaryk is a famous, high-end shopping street in Polanco. One of the best things about Polanco is Chapultepec Park. Part of this beautiful park lies within the borders of Polanco. Additionally, the Soumaya Museum, National Museum of Anthropology and Teatro Telcel (a state-of-the-art underground theater).

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La Zona Rosa

Located west of the historic district of Mexico City, La Zona Rosa is an affluent area. The area is famous for its nightlife and is especially popular with tourists and the gay and LGBTQ community.


La Condesa or Condesa is south of La Zona Rosa. Parque Mexico (pictured above) is a beautiful park in La Condesa. "La Condesa is sort of like the Soho version, filled with actors and monied young folks," remarked one expat. Another said, "La Condesa is an affluent, progressive area." Others say it feels European and is home to many hip, fashionable young people.