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Any tips?

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7/14/2014 11:27 EST

My husband has been offered a 2yr contract with his company which will move us from Canada to Rszezow, Poland in january 2015. Any areas we should be avoiding? how is the day-to-day life there? weather? is english spoken widely?

7/15/2014 08:02 EST

We have been here for over two years now and have really enjoyed our time here, despite taking lessons neither of us can hold a conversation in Polish but have never had any problems getting by, our Dentist and Dr both speak good English,

Not sure if there are any areas to avoid living in as all the places we looked at were in quite nice neighbourhoods, the crime rate is quite low and we have never felt threatened when we have been out and about. it is also a great place to explore the rest of Europe from.
The weather here is very much like Ontario's except this winter which was extremely mild! Are you by any chance moving here from Montreal?

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7/16/2014 16:01 EST

Wow - sounds pretty amazing .. I hope we get to go!

8/14/2014 05:25 EST

Hi, I have been coming to Poland for 10 years and have now been living here for almost 2. It is very different to Canada and the UK where I am from. The poeple are great and friendly, the food is pretty good too, but there are propblems you will come across. The language is not an easy one to learn!! to say the least. As far as English being spoken, yes in most of the larger cities a lot of people can speak some level of English but not everyone, it is NOT a widely spoken language. The younger generation are all now learning it a school so it will make life easier in the long run. I live in a smaller town near Warsaw and very few people here of any age speak English. But I manage. There is a constant need for paperwork!!
Internet is not the worlds fastest here, and TV is mainly in Polish, but with satalite TV you can on various channels turn off the Polish dubbing and you get English speaking.
Cost of Living? that depends very much on where you are and mainly what sort of property you rent. My monthly bills are about -
(in Canadian Dollars)
Satalite TV $27
Internet $21
Electric $50
Gas $20
Car insurance $15
Food for 2 $400

So for a little over $500 plus rent and travel you can live pretty happily.

Its the sort of place you will either love or hate!!! I know many people who came here and didnt last long. It really does depend on what youy want from the country.
I would say go explore as much of it as you can while you are here, there are some amazing places to see. Krakow, Wroclaw and Gdansk are a must.

8/19/2014 08:40 EST

I live here, from the USA and Ireland. I would never go back. The quality of life is so much better in Poland. I am never going back.

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