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Founded in 1997 as Betsy Burlingame's graduate thesis project, Expat Exchange was quickly and widely adopted by expatriates all over the world. It was among the first sites dedicated to expatriates and their specific needs.

Our goal has never changed since we first launched nearly 20 years ago. We set out to create a platform that empowers expats to help each other. So when someone decides to move to another country, they can benefit from the wisdom gleaned by those that already have made that transition.

In other words, Expat Exchange isn't just for finding what you need... it's also about helping others along the way. Expats are often surprised how taking the time to make someone else's journey easier makes the entire expat experience so much more rewarding.

On Expat Exchange, expats share their knowledge by completing expat reports about their experiences (such as living overseas, culture shock, or retiring abroad reports), interacting with others on our expat country forums, submitting articles and more.

We also welcome relevant international relocation professionals who enable expats to manage their journeys from beginning to end.

Over the course of nearly two decades, hundreds of other websites created for expatriates have come and gone. We've been here since the beginning of the world wide web's emergence - and we're not going anywhere! In fact, we still feel like we're just getting started!

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