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9/28/2019 11:41 EST

Hi, I am a US citizen and will be living in Romania for a few months. I am trying to extend my visa. I went to local immigration office and they gave me a list of things I need to complete. I got all, except the medical waiver from a doctor saying that I do not have any diseases that will jeopardize the public health - " adeverinta medicala din care sa rezulte ca nu sufera de boli care sa puna in pericol sanatatea publica". I called a few private practices and nobody knows how to test for that. A private hospital is asking for a ton of bloodwork which is extremely expensive and time consuming, and still not sure if they can write me that medical waiver afterwards. Has anyone else done something like this?

9/29/2019 13:55 EST

There is no test. It's just a note that says "He ain't gonna die anytime soon."
Find a doctor that's accustomed to dealing with Americans. If you want, I'll ask my doctor. He's dealt with American military and he may have an associate. Where are you?
You should have a regular doctor anyway for flu shots, medical advise, etc.
American law allows you to have a full copy of your medical history. Contact your old doctor to find out how to download it. Your new doctor will be impressed.

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9/29/2019 15:45 EST

Thank you so much, that's what I was thinking as well. I'm currently in Iasi. I'm about to see a PCM tomorrow. hopefully he will know what to do.

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