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Where shall I live: Rotterdam or The Hague?

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8/23/2006 05:04 EST

I would like to get your point of view and advice on where to live as a non-Dutch 30-40 year old single: Rotterdam or The Hague? Which place is better in terms of entertainment activities, quality of live and most importantly meeting nice and interesting people that are probably in a similar situation as me (as families live a different live), which is obviously very important when you are relcating alone for work. Find this decision not that obvious based on what I have seen so far (mainly the Hague which is cute but appears a bit quiet and family focused, but I maybe wrong) and Amsterdam is unfortunatelly not an option as the work is near Rotterdam. Thanks a lot for your kind help!

3/26/2017 21:56 EST

Hello, had you found an answer or where had you moved and could share your opinion?

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