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6/27/2021 04:23 EST

Differences in Turkey

1) Rent: Cheap $100-300 for a 3/1 flat. HOA:$10-30 (renter pays)
Exception: New residential bldgs
2) Gasoline: Same as Europe
3) Car imports for expats: 2 year allowance
4) Clothing: Very cheap at open markets. Wuality acceptable
5) Veggies and fruits: Cheap at open markets but no testing for pesticides. Shop at Migros.
Proteins: Beans are cheap. Chicken: $2-3 per pound for breast and dark meat without skin
Travel: Domestic flights: $25-40 anywhere one way (a week in advance) Flypgs.com and sunexpress.com
Employment: Unemployment is 30+% But teaching English is open
Social relations: Expats accepted
Exchange: Teach English and learn Turkish
Money exchange: Easy at private exchange offices; no commission
Areas to live (suggestion): Agean, Mediterranean and Black Sea towns. Eastern Turkey for camping and tracks.
Healthcare: 2-10% of US hospitals at private hospitals.
Dental care: 10-30% of US
A Turkish retiree lives on $400
A Turkish worker lives on $500
A Turkish academician on $800
If you need more info, write to

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