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Algeria: Marriage and Moving to Algeria:

Hi all All Algerian want to escape Algeria by marrying an American or anyway can get a passport or visa to get out from Algeria. I am sorry for you to be in this trap.

Italy: national visa application question:

Hi, I am not sure where u from, my son live with me in Rome, I have residence but he doesn't but he is 27.every 3 months he go out for Rome to morroco, out of of Europe, I hope I did answer u question, my email is Bye

Italy: Miss sydney:

Hi My name suad, we moved to Rome 3 weeks ago.I need some help with the big shopping center like Westfield in NSW Australia where i can get all the necessary for the house. If any Australia here want to chat or meet for a coffee i will be happy.Any other help like gym and i have 14 years boy to meet other boys to make it easy for him as he missing his friends and home sick.Thanks

Algeria: moving to algeria my home country:

Hi, i am algerian background myself and i live in sydney.I tryed 2 times to go back to settle in algeria.Unfornately i couldn't stand the system.I am talking from my personnal experience,i just couldn't live in the system again.I do have a house in algeria. I have my own house in sydney.You know australia is far from algeria.I do visit once a year.If i was living in england,i will love it and i will visit more offten to make the difference.If you need more to talk as i have no family so ever in australia.All my family in algeria.This is my email, we can talk on msg if you want.Try to be strong and bring you fiancee to england.Good luck

Algeria: hi everyone:

I was watching you conversation about money etc..This souad from sydney, i am with banque Al badr and i have no limit to transfer money.I did few transaction about (25.000.00 euro) many many times when i was building my house in algeria.Others things about passport, i use my australian passport everywhere expect when i enter my country i use algerian passport. Note:I did once enter algeria with australia passport but i needed a visa etc..Esasy to enter with algerian passport etc.. and good luck.I visit 2 times year.If you need more information i be happy to help. hello from bangkok

Algeria: Help please....:

hi londoboy This souad,about you algerian passport it's easy to apply for a a new one.Ring the algerian embassy in london and they will give you all the information (birth certificate,yours, you father and grand father etc.. photo. To enter algeria, you need only algerian passport but when do you leave algeria to london you have to show them both passport(the algerian and british)it's verry simple. Good luck

Algeria: useful information:

Hi liza This souad, i visit algeria every year as i am algerian background who live in australia for 27 years etcc. I agree a bit with dasamitabha with culture etc..what i don't agree with her is hard to live in algeria as a country been in crisis for many years after the independance... As algerian background i lived in australia for a long time just i couldn't live in algeria, is too many factors etc..i really want to know where dasamitabha come from (country),as everytime somebody complain about algeria, she is on the job complaining and attacking.I believe strongly everyone has the right for their own experience and my personnal experience was exactly like yours lisa.By the way anywhere you go is a problem (bad and good people are everewhere).I agree with lisa I just ican't live in algeria and i am algerian not european. I am building my house in algeria for the 2 years and still didn't finish. Another example,the paper there are a night mare(birth certificate)unless you know somebody, forgot to get you birth certificate in time. Another example (permission for building a house) it took more than 1 year etc... The people in algeria are the best and friendly but the sydtem sucks etcc. happy new year to everyone

Algeria: secondary schools:

Hi I am sure it's school called el hourouf in english.I was going to move last year to algiers but i couldn't do it when i went there. I spoke with the school myself and they seem nice people but i didn't meet in person.Just do on google and you will find it.I will check my paper if i find i will email it to u. Good luck

France: french school for adult:

I am moving to france in july this year, my question i need to find a school for adult to learn more grammar. Please to help me find a website or phone number to register before september next year. Also where can i meet with english speacker in paris. (club, gym food etc.. My email address:

France: opening a bank account in france:

Hi i was reading you email that you oponed an bank account from usa.Please can you give me detail as i am trying to do so but i find it hard. thanks

Algeria: Seeking views on living in Algeria....:

Hi jen I am a algerian background who live in sydney australia (lleft algeria since 1985).You know the rest. I just arrived from oran algeria 2 weeks a go as i spend 2 months there. As souad myself i can't survive in that country, the taxi speed 120 to 130 km whe i said please don't speed i will pay more just down a bit, it's verry scary, i was scare everytime i went in a taxi. Other things,no TOILET ouside in the city, if you need to use the bathroom u have to go to a restaurant to ASK or have lunch and use the bathroom :) The ltoilet are verry poor (not clean)compared to my home sydney. To make it sure my dailing jen, i can't survive there, go for a holiday to see the family and go back. I am algerian and proud to be algerian but algeria need a lot of work for us to go there a stay for good. Don't forgot it's my experience and maybe you will be fine. Good luck

Jordan: mooving to amman:

Hello there I am trying to moove to amman for few years, i am asking where is the best place and good location and how do i meet people with english speaking. Also is best school for high school. Please i need you help

France: mooving to paris:

Dear all I am from australia trying to moove to paris for few years in juanuary 2007,i need help where is best location and cheap to rent a 2 bedroom flat. Also i have a son who need english school. Please i need you help guys

Algeria: english school in algiers:

Hi guys I emailed an email few weeks ago asking about high school in englsh in algeria'. I got a response about the EL HOUROUF school but since then i am trying to ring them, email them etc.. but no luck. Please i need you help guys, if others school there in algiers as i am mooving in january 07. Please any help i can get from you guys souad

Algeria: english school:

Dear/Sir I am enquiry about english school,and somebody told me about el hourouf english school in algiers but i did email them and ring them from australia but no luck.Please somebody can help if you can ring them from algeria etc.. Please i need help from you guys. souad

Algeria: info please!!!:

hi,i was reading you message and i agree completely with you about not to fit in in u own country.I don't know about algiers, as a capital it should bebetter than other cities.In oran still the same or a bit better (10 %)than when i left 25 years ago.I hope i can see algerian become more open and free of will like dubai not sydney.I can see dubai going from sahara to an open country with all people over the world and respected too.I dream to have my people(algerian)not to want to emigrate to anywhere in the world.Anyway hope to talk to u like to talk to algerian on the yahoo. good luck

Algeria: english speakers in algeria?:

this messdage for maunt Hi, i need you help, i am an algerian backgroud but left algeria 23 years agao.My question is any english school in algiers.I am trying to relocate to oran because i am from there but i gill go to algiers if only english school there. I live in sydney. Thanks and a lot and wait for you response please on


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