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Moving Overseas? Living Overseas? Use our Resource Guide to find Information about Learning Language, Cross Cultural, Culture Shock, Language School

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FRANTASTIQUE ­ Personalized French lessons online!

FRANTASTIQUE ­ Personalized French lessons online!

Your daily lesson is sent by e­mail every morning. Story-­based lessons featuring fun characters in a French-­speaking context. Our artificial intelligence engine builds lessons based on your needs, your requests, and your level. 10 to 15 minutes daily is all it takes!

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Sherisen International

Sherisen International

Guides for doing business in 45 countries. Sondra Sen's International Business Interacts are written in easy to read formats.

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TEFL Course with i-to-i

Are you looking for a way to boost your income and learn some new skills while living in an overseas country - then why not consider teaching English! An i-to-i TEFL courses will qualify you to teach some of the 100,000s of people who want to improve their English - with the help of native English speakers just like you.

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Country-Focused Resources

Belgium: Language School Belgium & Cross-Cultural Training
Ecuador: Language School Ecuador & Cross-Cultural Training
France: Language School France & Cross-Cultural Training
Panama: Language School Panama & Cross-Cultural Training
UK: Language School UK & Cross-Cultural Training
United States: Language School United States & Cross-Cultural Training

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