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Panama: Need Info on Panama:

My wife and I have been to Panama a few times (got married there as well) and we are looking into relcating to Panama ASAP. I am a qualiied accountant and one thing I have noticed is that I cannt find any recruitment companies helping expats. If anyone has information on good recruitment companies or know of companies looking for someone please let me know. Thanks Gunther

Bermuda: Recent College Grad with Job Offer in Bermuda - a couple of questions:

Hi Bermuda is a lovely place, but very expensive. If you are prepared to live with someone you can get away with about $1600 er month. If you want to live on your own in a decent place, budget aroud $2500. Food, that is where we struggle. A loaf of bread is $5, 6 beers is $12, bottle of wine average around $10, pasta around $4. Electricity for a one bedis around $150pm, internet works different in Bermuda, here you pay for your ISP and service proider seperate - budget around $130 pm for internet. Overall it is expensive, but on your salay you will struggle to be honest, unless you livwith someone and share cost.


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