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Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

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United States

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Hong Kong

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brooklyn museum of art

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the greatest story ever told

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out of the wild

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florida marlins

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Philippines: Moving to Bacolod or Dumaaguete, Philippines?:

I lived in dumaguete for nearly one year in 2012/13 .. its a great place if your a diver since apo island is a huge tourist destination for foriegners, however since there are so many foriegners the rents are a little steep. I paid 16k for a very secure and private detached single family home fully furnished with cable and internet included in the heart of the city. the only mall they have is small and its hard to find clothes to fit me. its known as the motorcycle capital of the Philippines. EVERYONE drives a motorbike there and no taxis. Bacolod is much busier and more polluted, but the rents are cheaper. hope this helps

Philippines: any expats in cagayan de oro?:

I have a great business idea for any expats living in cdo. id like to share my idea with anyone who wants (or needs) something to do. I need some mental stimulation.. haha

Philippines: looking 1 week dwelling from Baguio for finding long term dwelling.:

you sure you want to live in baguio? I tried living there about 6 months ago and I found that the locals are not very friendly to foriegners. but if you must live there, theres a condo/hotel type building across from the park that rents for 18k per month. ill try to think of the name of the building and the name of the realtor I dealt with if you want

Philippines: Bar Scam - Avoid La La Land in Manila:

your a CAteacher and you cant spell correctly? hahaha! our tax money at work!

Global Expat Forum: Hello to each and every expat,:

and hello to you t.t.

Global Expat Forum: Moving to Phillipines:

I have lived all over the Philippines this past 5 years and I can say that manila is a great place, but the pollution and traffic really sucks. move to baguio if you like cooler weather and choose Davao if you have safety concerns. I live in Cagayan de oro now and my fiancé and I are trying to start a unique business here... I wish you much luck friend

Philippines: MARRIAGE:

wow.. pinaymentor.. your still here helping expats? that's great we spoke about 5 yrs ago when I was planning to move here. now im here for about 4 yrs and im ready to get married to a wonderful girl from camiguin. can I ask: is there an embassy also in Cebu that I can go to start the marriage process? or do I need to go to manila only?

Philippines: Meeting other expats:

welcome to the philippines. ive been here since march of 2010. i lived and taught english in makati. i tried to meet foriegners while there, but the ones that wanted to be my friend, were not not the ones i wanted to be friends with. i moved to surigao city after 7 months in manila, and i met a great group of expats there. they were like family to me. but after a few months, i was bored to death (no malls or restaurants).. so im in cagayan de oro now. im finding its the same here as manila, the foriegners look the other way when they see another foriegner. its weird! so, im off to bohol next week. the smaller cities seem to be much friendlier. part of the reason for me moving is the noise, traffic and pollution. anyway.. welcome and i hope you enjoy your stay in this beautiful country!

Philippines: visa extension:

is it possible to extend my visa for more than 2 months at a time? im single with no property or business here in the philippines. ALSO.. im moving to surigao in 2 weeks, is there a place there to renew my visa? ALSO.. how soon can i renew my visa? can i renew it after just one month even though im not due to renew until next month? thank you very much!

Philippines: direct deposit in ph:

im collecting social security checks and are being directly deposited in my suntrust acct here in the usa. how can i keep my same bank ands still have my checks automatically deposited in my acct? do i really need to get a bank there in ph?


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