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Ecuador: transportation:

What is the major form of transportation besides automobile between towns?

Ecuador: thanks:

Remiles I will look at the index you suggested. Do you drive a car where you live? If not, how do you travel to different cities and to destinations in our own town.

Ecuador: employment opportunities:

I read Carolann's blog about having something to do before coming to Ecuador. What type of employment opportunities are available and where can you find what jobs are available thanks Rich

Ecuador: cuenca:

Retiredpoppi Thank you for the info on Cuenca. How long have you lived there? Who is the best person to deal with to rent an apartment? What does a 2 room apartment rent for? Rich

Ecuador: research:

Everyone keeps suggesting that I research as much as possible on Ecuador. Can you suggest some great resources to use. Thank you Rich

Ecuador: exchange value:

I know they use the American dollar as currency. What is the cost of living compared to the US? Buying groceries, gas, taxes? Thank you Rich

Ecuador: baptist religion:

Are there baptist churches in any ecuador cities? Any Korean baptist churches? thank you Rich


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