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Germany: Married to a German, but have no Rights to work?:

Our problem is that I still don't have the right to work (after marrying a German 4 months ago) because we don't yet have an Apartment together. It has been basically impossible to be given a Mietvertrag when I don't yet have the right to work. I believe that is the only thing stopping me from supporting my new wife. Question: How long did it take you to receive your right to work after you turned in all your paperwork to City Hall (including your rental agreement with both of your names on it)?

Germany: Overstaying a Schengen Visa, Fines or Penalties?:

Hello everybody, I may have to leave Europe in order to renew my tourist Visa (as an American I can return to Europe after 90 days and have an automatic tourist Visa). But due to bizarre circumstances I may not be able to afford to leave until after my current Visa is expired. My questions are: -what will probably happen if I leave and if someone sees I overstayed? -Will I not be allowed back in Europe until I can afford any Fines or Penalties? -Or, is there a better strategy to try to avoid the Zoll depending on the mode of transportation I use to travel out of Europe? Thank you.

Germany: How can an American extend their Schengen Visa without a Job?:

Hello all, I've come to an unexpected point where I fear I may have to leave the Schengen states for 90 days in order to re-new my Schengen Visa. Does anyone know an other legal reason to stay in Austria, der Schweiz, or Germany if they have not found a Job yet, and who does not have a lot of money to enroll in a University? I've heard of enrolling in a language course in nearby France could get me a temporary Visa, or I've heard of going to Italy and applying for a Permesso di Soggiorno at their post office and simply turning in that application is an automatic Visa(?) until the form is answered many months later. Does anyone have any other ideas or strategies for any kind of temporary Visa extension? Our local City Hall is waiting for me to give them such 'legal reason' to stay here or they will be required to process the paperwork to ask me to leave soon. Thanks for your help everybody!

Ireland: Can an American easily find unofficial part-time Service Jobs in Ireland?:

Hello all, I'm asking questions for a number of us here at this same computer; we are Americans & other legal foreigners who may need to leave the Schengen States for 90 days before returning in order to have a new tourist Visa again (for the Schengen states) Our question is: if some of us choose to go to Ireland to spend this 90 days, for those of us who speak fluent English, is it relatively easy to find under-the-table part-time service related Jobs to steady ourselves there? If so, what types of Jobs should we pursue, what types of places, etc.? I already looked at the Official Ireland website and it states that we would not qualify for a work-permit only because our professions are on the Official 'list' of jobs closed to foreigners, sadly. But my Irish friend living near us here in Austria says it is very possible for an intelligent American or an exceptionally good English-speaker to obtain both illegitimate AND/or legitimate, taxed work. This sound too good to be true, as we thought we would have to go a dirty 3rd-world Country to spend our 90 days outside of the Schengen area, and without speaking the language of [that] 3rd-World Country (Yikes!). Can anyone please shine any tried & true current advice of this subject? Thank you all sincerely!

France: Seeking advice on temporary French residency based on French birth by American parents:

Hello everyone. I finally found my birth record in France, and I'm desperately seeking advice on what are my next steps to take in order to obtain any kind of temporary French work-permit or residency. Unfortunately I was born of American parents, and unfortunately I only have a Us Passport. I am currently overstayed on my 90-day tourist Visa here in nearby Austria and I don't have any Country to go home to (due to the Criminally out-of-control US and their extremely corrupt and alarmingly dishonest local town/city/State Government systems there. I tried to enter the US last year but I had too many harrassing & highly traumatic problems making me reasonably never wanting to ever return to that awful, irresponsible place. Can someone PLEASE advise me on my next steps to try to obtain any temporary stay Visa based on my french birth? Because I have no work-permit for Austria I cannot afford an Immigration Attorney at the moment. So far, someone has told me I should write to the Mayor of my French birth town (with a copy of my Passport & french birth document) asking them what is my next step. Commens? Suggestions anyone? In the past there had been some really good advice in this forum. Please don't stop helping each other everyone! Thank you all!

Sweden: More Information on a Swedish work-permit:

Hello all, I wrote and asked the Swedish Migrations Board what Jobs can a US citizen (or any foreigner do), and if they can apply for a work-permit AFTER they've arrived in Sweden. Basically it seems, unlike the rest of Europe, yes we can take any simple job until we find a better one, and yes we 'can' apply for a work-permit after getting to Sweden and finding a Job through networking. Here (below) is their response to us and I hope it helps any of you: To be granted a work permit requires that: · you have a valid passport. · you can earn your own living on the job you have been offered. · you work to such an extent that your wage is at least SEK 13,000 per month. In addition your employer must: · have advertised the post in Sweden and the EU for at least ten days. (For new recruitment.) · offer terms of employment that are equal to those of a Swedish collective agreement or what is customary within the profession or sector · give the relevant union organisations the opportunity to express an opinion on the terms of employment in the job offer. Those who receive a residence permit will be given a residence permit card. The card is proof of your residence permit. When you enter Sweden, you must therefore show your card along with a valid passport. A ground rule saying it's recommended (even for Countries who don't need a visa) that you are in a country outside Sweden when applying and receiving the the decision of a work permit.

Georgia: entry-level work for expats in Georgia?:

Yes I realise this is a naive post. Does anyone accurately know if a non-Georgian speaking American can gainfully work anywhere in the Russian states (preferrably Georgia) besides/or in addition to teaching or tutoring english under the table? I may have to leave the EU/Schengen states for 90 days as my Visa is expiring here in Switzerland and I might have an informal invitation near Georgia to volunteer part-time in exchange for bed/food, but without a work-permit. Also, what is the immigration situation like (Re: the new Russian Federation 90/180 entry/exit enforcements)? What typically happens if someone overstays their 90 Visa in Georgia? And what happens if someone tries to re-enter Georgia too soon after they overstayed their last tourist Visa in Georgia? Any accurate information is greatly appreciated. I'm one of the few million white/middle-class+ so-called 1st-class American unjustly treated 'Citizens' who are without a Country to call home anymore. I'd actually rather try to start a family in a relatively 3rd-world Land before ever returning back to that truly Nazi-like developing 'place' still called the 'USA'. Thank you.

Ukraine: entry-level work for expats in Ukraine?:

Does anyone accurately know if a non-Russian speaking American can gainfully work anywhere in the Russian states besides teaching or tutoring english under the table? I may have to leave the EU/Schengen states for 90 days as my Visa is expiring and I might have an informal invitation to volunteer part-time in exchange for room/board in Russia or Ukraine (or possibly Georgia) but without a work-permit. I would want to save some money when I was there if possible. Any accurate information is greatly appreciated.

Russia: entry-level work for expats in Russia?:

Does anyone accurately know if a non-Russian speaking American can gainfully work anywhere in the Russian states besides teaching or tutoring english under the table? I may have to leave the EU/Schengen states for 90 days as my Visa is expiring and I might have an informal invitation in Russia or Ukraine (or possibly Georgia) but without a work-permit. Any accurate information is greatly appreciated.

Russia: The new 90/180 day entrance/exit Law?:

Last September I heard the Russian states are supposed to be enforcing the 90 days in/90 days out (of Russia). Does anyone know what is really currently happening right now with this? The last I heard was expats are still usually able to do Border Runs then return right back the same day. But I am also reading this is slowly and sometimes strictly being enforced. I would appreciate any advice.


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