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Brazil: inscricao consular - anyone done this?:

Hi, UK citizen living in Fortaleza. More problems - thanks for replies to previous post. To get my "permanencia" on the basis of marriage I now have to do "inscricao consular". However when we phoned the consulate in Sao Paulo we were told that UK consulates no longer offer this service in Brazil. Anyone done this and familiar with the procedure?

Brazil: Requerer registro (Permanencia):

We are filling out this form online ( and are being asked for "entrada" or date of entry to Brazil. I am a UK citizen. I entered Brazil for 2 holidays in 2011, then again in March 2012 with the intention of settling here, got married in July 2012, and have been back to the UK for a couple of holidays in 2013 and 2014. To me it makes sense that the date required is the March 2012 one, i.e. the date I came here with the intention of settling here. My wife and her daughter both think it is the date of my last arrival in Brazil, i.e. June 2014. To me this makes no sense. I could have gone on holiday to Peru for a week last month but surely a date like this has little relevance? Anyone know?


Hi Tommy, do US pensions have to be paid into a bank of the country of residence? I am English and they will only pay a UK pension into a UK bank, it's up to you what you do then. You can't leave your pension in a US bank and withdraw monthly in Brazil?

Brazil: Moving to Fortaleza:

Oi, heb ik ook gedaan hoor.....ik ben Engels maar woonde vroeger in Nederland. Ben getrouwd en ik woon in Fortaleza. Vind ook wel leuk om wat andere mensen te leren kennen hier! En af en toe een beetje Nederlands of Engels te kunnen spreken :) groetjes

Brazil: In the market to purchase a car:

I would avoid car ownership here. New cars are prohibitively expensive, as others have said, you should only buy a second hand vehicle from friends or family as there are too many dodgy deals out there. Most Brazilian cities have reasonable, and cheap public transport. Best to manage without a car if you can, it's not so difficult to do so here really.

Brazil: Brazilian Etiquette, Faux Pas etc...:

Lived here for nine months now and married to a Brazilian woman. Yes, some things are different like personal space is less and people share food, one big difference I notice is that Brazilians are quite respectful and that you can't tease too much or do the jokey insult thing, because it can be taken seriously. Making someone look small in front of others reflects badly on the person doing it. But actually both these things are positive things about Brazilian people. I notice relationships are a bit more traditional and the man is expected to pay in bars and restaurants


Any place you move to is going to have good things and bad things about it, I moved here from the UK which in many ways is a great place to live, but we have 5 months of horrid weather every year there so Brazil really does do a bit better on that count. And there is corruption in the UK too, they are just a better at covering it up usually. Every British government of recent years has ended it's term of office in a welter of sleaze and corruption too. And in the states you have Mitt Romney who is yet another rich guy who doesn't pay taxes who would like to be president?? Yes there are bad things about Brazil but I must say I feel accepted here and making a big effort to speak Portuguese does help a lot. I don't know if you speak Portuguese, but you need to if you are going to live here.

Brazil: married, moving here, visa and customs regs:

Hi I have been living here for 4 months now, just got married (I'm English, she's Brazilian) and looking to live here permanently. Going back to Policia Federal this week, any idea how long they take and for how long they will extend the visa? Reason I am asking is because I may need to return to the U.K. to get some of my things, nothing I can't carry on an aeroplane but I do have an expensive guitar worth £1200 (everything I want to bring will fit in 2 suitcases)and I wonder what the customs regulations are - I seem to remember I had to sign a paper when I visited Brazil before saying I wasn't bringing in anything worth more than $500.

Brazil: medical insurance for long stay in Brazil:

Hi anyone recommend a good company that will insure me for medical expenses for a stay of about a year in Brazil? I am a UK citizen with no existing medical conditions

Brazil: police check for residency:

Hi, moving to Brazil soon (Fortaleza) will get married there, just one question about the police check that seems to be required by The PF. They state: Declaração de que não foi processado ou condenado criminalmente no Brasil ou no exterior, com firma reconhecida. Declaration that there are no criminal proceedings or convictions in Brazil or abroad, with a recognised signature Now in England we have a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check, but it is all electronic with no signature. In fact I still have an old one but will probably need a new one. Anyone know what is required?


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