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An Expat Talks about What is Was Like Having a Baby in Blida, Algeria

What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?


How recently did you give birth in the country that you are reporting on?

july 07

Describe your experience giving birth there. What type of facility did you go to? What (if any) type of pain management did you use? How long did you stay in the hospital? Was it a positive experience? Etc...

Well, all I can say is horrible. No pain managment at all, filthy conditions...had to take my own bedding with me. You have to wait with other women in a waiting area to be processed. Lots of women screaming in pain while waiting. Then you are taken to a room full of other women giving birth. They can see you and you them. You have nurses come and hold you down by your shoulders and legs to stop you moving and then a doctors pushes down on your stomach and rolls his arms along you stomach to push the baby out. Then, you are transfered onto a bed with blood all over it from the women who was there before you then you are put into a room with blood soaked bedding, coachroaches as big as houses, no water to wash your baby or yourself as they don't do it and even if you go private. If there is a problem with the birth you are sent back to the public hospital as cannot deal with emergencys.

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How did you choose your doctor, midwife or other type of medical professional?

Did not chose

If you were to have another child in this country, would you do anything differently in terms of preparation and/or the delivery?

No never again in this country.

If a friend of yours living in the same country were expecting, what advice would you give her?

Don't do it.

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