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10 Tips for Living in Kuwait

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11/25/2008 12:08 EST

We're going to be putting together an article entitled, 10 Tips for Living in Kuwait, and we need your help. Please post a reply to this thread with as many tips as you'd like (or as few) for expats living in Kuwait. Whether you're a newcomer yourself or a seasoned expats whose lived abroad for many years, share your favorite tips for expats living in Kuwait. If you want to discuss or expand upon someone elses tip, feel free! We'll use your posts to compile the articles.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

Betsy Burlingame

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11/25/2008 12:31 EST

1- Be aware of crazy drivers.
2- Jay walking is legal in Kuwait.
3- Bargain Taxi fair prior to riding.
4- When in doubt use the word Inshallah.
5- Do not stare at people. This is how most fights start here.

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11/25/2008 17:45 EST

Use the KPTC and City buses to see the city you may not see any other way, cheap 1/4 KD, they're clean,air conditioned and the people are very considerate

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11/25/2008 18:18 EST

When shopping at souks bargain,bargain,bargain ..for fun and profit.

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12/4/2008 15:03 EST

Great tips! Anyone else have any advice to add? If you got a call from an old friend or colleague who was moving to Kuwait, what advice would you give them?


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1/6/2009 06:47 EST

1) Learn to drive in the center lane at 100 KMPH and you'll live longer and help keep your blood pressure down.

2) If the Muslim call to prayer at 4:30 AM bothers you, buy ear plugs. There isn't anywhere in this country where you won't hear it.

3) How do you keep a Kuwaiti in the middle of a one lane road? Paint a dashed line down the middle. (He/she will think it's a two lane road...they love to take up both lanes)

4) During Ramadan, DO NOT EAT, DRINK, SMOKE, CHEW GUM, OR KISS YOUR GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND IN PUBLIC. It's a one-way ticket to jail.

5) Refrain from any alcohol consumption. If you need it, fly to Dubai for the weekend.

6) Learn patience. You will be tested.

7) Be a good tipper. The people receiving them make a fraction of what stateside folks do in the service industries.

8) has most anything you need that you can't find here.

9) Explore. If you get bored it's your own fault. There's plenty to do here.

10) Drink plenty of water. It's a dry heat here so it's easy to get de-hydrated.

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Living-in-KuwaitKuwait Expat: Ten Tips for Living in Kuwait

Ten Tips for Living in Kuwait from Kuwait Expats.

Ten Tips for Living in Kuwait from Kuwait Expats....

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