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CAUTION - English School Hopeland MAA in Draria

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8/3/2017 10:51 EST


Here is my experience:

We are from the U.S and wanted to try living in Algeria for a year. So in 2014, I had enrolled two of my children into Hopeland MAA school. I was under the impression that it was a "good" school.

- The teachers there are thieves. They kept steeling my children's pencils and hair ties.

- The food there is rubbish. Supposedly, the school has a "chef" but the food was bland and tasteless. The serving size is stingy. My kids were famished whenever we picked them up from school.

- They did not even bother putting the AC on in this suffocating heat. My kids were red and drenched in sweat.

- The teachers there would curse and hit my 4 year old child. My child came to me with a smile asking me what the word "donkey" in Arabic meant since her teacher kept calling her that.

- The principal was rude to kids.

- Each child is required to purchase 500 printer paper and toilet paper. They would cut one paper into 4 pieces for them to draw, and use 1 piece out of the 4 per day. I only enrolled my kids for 3 months, so let's do the math together. My kids were enrolled for 90 days, out of the 90 days, 24 days are weekends. So out of 66 days, my kids only used 16 sheet of paper out of 500. The school does not return unused paper as per their policy.

We were promised by the owner of the school that the teachers were professional and trained, clean classrooms, the food was good, and that they would be in air conditioned rooms. ALL LIES.

The owners come from America, it is very shameful how kids are treated for someone who comes from the America. It is very obvious that they opened the school for the sake of making money, rather than education.

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