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systemic enzyme supplements

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7/7/2017 18:15 EST

Anyone know if you can buy serrapeptase or nattokinase in any store in Buenos Aires? They are for, among other things, coronary artery disease.
Many thanks. Joe - living in Uruguay but willing to travel!

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7/7/2017 19:15 EST

Be forewarned, Joe.

If the medicine is available in BsAs it will cost you a fortune, because medicine supply in Argentina is governed by one of the mafias.

I needed some pills, which in Europe cost US$ 11.60 for 100 (one hundred) tablets.

In Argentina the price was US$ 21.50 - for 28 (twentyeight) tablets.

An Argentine friend of mine has cancer. He buys medicine for injection which cost AR$ 9,200 (app. US$ 541) a month. The same medicine cost US$ 1,660 every six months i.e. US$ 139 a month.

If at all possible, get it from your home country (using e.g. a "mule", i.e. somebody who travels to Uruguay or Argentina) who will get it for you.

If that's impossible, I suggest you ask in either the Chile or the Brazil expat forum.

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7/7/2017 19:17 EST


... cost US$ 1,660 every six months i.e. US$ 139 a month *in Europe*.

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