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Advice on a shipping company

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8/2/2017 20:57 EST

Hello! I am moving to Argentina next fall with my Argentinian husband and kids. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with a shipping company, success stories, failures? Thank you for any information you can share.

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8/3/2017 08:29 EST

Kelly, I am sure you have done your homework but be careful when you move. The moving company may be A+ but that will not reduce your risk at Argentine Customs, especially if Buenos Aires Customs. If either you or your spouse is an Argentine resident you are probably okay but if you’re not, please be extra careful. I have heard many horror stories about automobiles and furniture being stuck at BA Customs for so long that the storage fees imposed by Customs exceeded the value of the automobile and the owners just walked away.

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8/5/2017 07:46 EST

Yes i hear things get stuck but maybe things have changed recently, so please let us know how your shipping went, this is useful information. thanks.

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