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11/4/2017 02:14 EST


I’m coming to Belize in mid December till Jan 06. I am so excited, and are hoping to find the next chapter of my life

I believe that the search has been narrowed down to either Punta Gorda or San Ignacio. Each seems to have their own charm and benefits

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11/4/2017 09:58 EST

Great for you! Good Luck & Safe Travels. Enjoy exploring and learning about this wonderful country, with all it's beauty, diversity (geographical, cultural & population wise) and flaws, that make it a unique and interesting place to visit, short or long term, or even move to, again, short or long term.

Come with eyes open, use common sense to guide you in regards to your safety and well being, and most important, get to know and interact with the incredibly friendly, helpful and pleasant locals. This will make your trip all the more rewarding.

Bon Voyage!!!

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11/8/2017 12:01 EST

Lived in SI, way too hot for me in the Summer. PG lot of rain, 3x that of Corozal. Look up north before you finalize your decision. Consejo, Cerros areas.

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11/8/2017 13:22 EST

Belizelenny is right. If u have to relocate to the BRB then the north is best. SI is hotter than a snakes a55. In the south there is 180+ inches of rain/year and about 11 species of biting insects that go along with that. Ambergris is for rich party animals and Caye Caulker is nothing but sand, water and sand fleas and not much else to do other than consuming skunky beer. I had a friend in Consejo and by boat he made Mexico in 15 min. We parked at the wharf, had an egg mcmuffin at McDs, bought a few things at the mall, loaded up on scotch and modelo and new york strip at Sams and boated back with our goods to his dock.
Good times.

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11/17/2017 17:58 EST

Drove down to PG one day, planning to stay a night or two. Couldn't get out of there fast enough....

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11/20/2017 17:00 EST

Head North and check out the Corozal District. Corozal Town, Cerros, Consejo, Orchid Bay.

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