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If you are going to move to Belize, post a message below to connect with expatriates already living in Belize City or other cities in the country. Find information about the average cost of living in Belize for expats, how to retire Belize and more.

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no new messages Punta Gorda (7) MeMselfI 11/19/2019 7:11 AM
no new messages QRP Program is garbage (2) MrBelize 11/18/2019 4:17 PM
no new messages Anyone driving to Belize in April/May? (0) MeMselfI 11/17/2019 12:29 PM
no new messages driving with a pet from Texas to Belize (3) linberk 11/14/2019 7:20 PM
no new messages Travel with pet (0) linberk 11/9/2019 4:16 PM
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no new messages Thinking about a move to Belize (29) MeMselfI 11/7/2019 8:40 PM
no new messages Moving with a boat (4) rjbfivetime 11/7/2019 12:12 PM
no new messages Profiles and there usefulness (3) terrific 10/30/2019 5:10 PM
no new messages Sunset Caribe Project (0) kaizur1 10/30/2019 5:06 PM
no new messages renting out your property (16) LiebersDad 10/29/2019 4:03 PM
no new messages Gradual move? (9) LiebersDad 10/26/2019 10:00 AM
no new messages EarthBags in Belize (39) mrsumo 10/21/2019 6:22 AM
no new messages Need advice, re: Living legally in Belize long-term (31) OnlineEnglishTeacher 10/17/2019 11:07 AM
no new messages 5hrs to spend in Belize City (4) LiebersDad 10/11/2019 10:33 PM
no new messages Wife Wants QRP - I'm Digital Nomad (5) vegastobelize 10/11/2019 8:08 AM
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