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Jews in La Cuenca

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4/19/2021 09:43 EST

We will be spending one month in La Cuenca starting Dec. 7, 2021 and have already rented an AirBnb. My daughter, who is an orthodox Jew will be coming to visit with us. Are there any Kosher restaurants, markets or Jewish Temples locally? Is there a Chabad nearby? If necessary, she can eat fruits and veges during her stay with us.
Does anyone get together for Friday night services? I can conduct services if needed.
We are using this visit to decide about moving to La Cuenca. We are both studying Spanish and are at the intermediate level.

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4/19/2021 10:19 EST

I have friends here in Cuenca who get together on Jewish holidays etc to share a meal, but I don't think there's a jewish temple here, and don't think a lot of the specifically jewish foods are sold here (I know this last Passover someone brought Matzo from over on the coast)
Might ask on Facebook page Ecuador Expats.

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4/19/2021 12:26 EST

There is to my knowledge a synagogue in Guayaquil and here in Machala but as to whether they are Reformed, or Orthodox I can't tell you. You can purchase certain kosher foods in supermarkets like SuperMaxi and MegaMaxi which cater to a larger international consumer market.

As a sort of addendum to that, my favorite soluble coffee, available everywhere in Ecuador is Café Oro - which is ( according to the Magen on the back of the label ) kosher coffee!

Enjoy your stay in Cuenca!

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