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Where is safety city to retire in honduras?

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4/18/2019 06:05 EST

I am find a countries to retire
I think Honduras is also good country but all of people says “dangerous”
So are there any safety city to live?


4/18/2019 10:42 EST

I am building in a gated community 45 minutes away from La Ceiba in a place called http://www.escondidoresorthonduras.com/ You can buy a property there or build your own. I am going to be two blocks from the ocean on the caribbean side. It is all expats, many canadians and a few americans. hope this helps. The link will provide you will everything you need to know.

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4/18/2019 18:41 EST

If you want to live on the outskirts of a city I would choose La Ceiba. La Ceiba has everything you will need... modern malls, downtown open air market, movies, banks, good hospitals, nightlife and much much more. La Ceiba has it all now...
Outskirts to me is a 10 minute drive to downtown. Close to everything yet you will feel like on a tropical island when at home.
Like every city there is crime. Luckily, for foreigners in Honduras the locals love foreigners living around them.

4/19/2019 03:11 EST

I am a asian so thats why I am more worried about crime
How about crime in roatan?

3/1/2020 17:04 EST

i am building in a gated community called escondito parasio. It is full of Canadians and very inexpensive and close to Le Ceiba and a Hospital. If you want more information you can email me at I cannot wait to get down there...

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