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10/10/2021 13:48 EST

Hello! My name is Harvey Johnsson. I am 60 years young. I've done a lot of traveling over the past 35 years, having lived and worked in such places as Greece, Israel, Thailand, and Cambodia.
I have wanted to visit India for many years, though for the past 17 years Thailand has been easier to visit as my nephew has been living there for nearly 18 years and since 2004 I have also made many friends. Having now been back in England since late March 2019, with Covid arriving and lockdown in March 2020, I am in my longest ever period in England since I started traveling in 1986. I have now decided that India will be my next destination and I am planning on staying for many years, if not indefinitely. I am not a rich person by any stretch of the imagination, so my funds would only serve to go so far.
So, I am looking for information on the possibility (after traveling India for several months) of possibly doing some sort of commune somewhere, that I can work for my accommodation and food. I don't really mind whether it is in the far north or the deep south, as I am planning on visiting New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kerela. I am also happy to be on either the Goan west coast or somewhere on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. I am completely open to suggestions? I am hoping to come to India sometime towards the end of this coming November or early to mid-December. I will hopefully travel around India from landing in Delhi by mid-December to approximately mid-March when I will then be 61 years young, on the 4th of March. I have been a painter & Decorator for over 30 years, and though painting isn't such a strenuous job, I am still fairly fit and quite agile, and won't really have any limitations on what I can do as far as work is concerned. So, I am open to receive all and as much information as possible about working and living in a commune where I can work for my accommodation and meals, etc. Thank you, in advance.

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