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Cambridge English School, Mangaf

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10/30/2013 07:58 EST

If you are moving to. Kuwait or are offered a job at Cambridge English School Mangaf DO NOT ACCEPT!!!! I taught at the school in 2012-13 and most of hea he teachers left after the school year because management is terrible. Suzanne Owens, principal, and David Tanseyl vice principal, aren't he worst administrators I have ever worked for. They know nothing about managing a school. As a matter of fact, Tansey was forced to leave his school in England due to a scandal. It is in the Internet.
My old roommate was just attacked by a student and the student was "suspended" for two days prior to the Eid holiday. The school cares more about money than they do about getting quality teachers and education. They have the worst students and discipline help from the administration is a joke. The owners of the school "Dr's", and I use the term very very loosely, Esam and ziad have no business having a. School sat hey know nothing about what is going on in the school. Do yourself and your kids a favor and put them in another school like IBS or English School Fahaheel. It may be a little more expensive but your kids and your peace of mind is worth it. You can think that I am just a disgruntled former employee but that's ok. When you look at the turnover rate of teachers there then you will understand that the former teachers there are only speaking the truth about the school and administration. If you decide to to take a job there or place your kids in here school then you have been forewarned.

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11/5/2013 07:11 EST

If u are a good teacher you don't need a principal or vice principal to guide you, " worst students" your job to educate them,, or what do u think leave them with no education. Your Message is from a bitter employer. Your attack is too personal.

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