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4/23/2016 01:02 EST

I want to have a working holiday in Kyrgyzstan. I am an Australian English Teacher in China and have 3 years experience teaching in universities here.

I hold a university degree and a post graduate university qualification too.

I'm ethnically Chinese and I speak and read basic Russian too. I spent a year in Moscow studying the language.

I understand most of the jobs are in Bishkek, but when I look at the map Bishkek is far away from any lakes or hotsprings, this discouraged me a little as I want to spend every week visiting a hotspring/lake as I'm an Australian and we love swimming.

Can anyone help me find the job I am looking for? I have a very good reputation with my students in China and am best used to teach more mature students 15 years or older. Preferably adults.

David Ong

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