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11/6/2009 02:23 EST

Hello everyone... I am a Macedonia who used to live abroad for a while for work and knowing how hard is for a newcomer to get along in e foreign country I think I have to tell other something about mine.

I feel free to introduce Macedonia for anyone that is about to travel or preparing to live here.

We use km instead of miles as metric units.
Instead of pounds we use Kilograms.

The power cords are European - 230V.

The people in Macedonia are mostly warm and they can get very close to you - this is unbelieveable I know.

Macedonia is an interesting country has a great & clear nature, wonderful lakes and mountains, and cultural sights as well.

Maybe a this website will provide many more useful information: http://travel2macedonia.com.mk

Wish you best regards,

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2/25/2010 14:22 EST


My question is how much would it take to live like a millionaire in macedonia. I'm curious. What is the cost of living there and what about job opportunities for Americans?

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12/2/2010 16:43 EST

Actually the power cord is 220 :-)

For more info please read:

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12/2/2010 16:45 EST

If you like to live like millionaire you need to have a millions :-)

For nice living if you have your own place you need not more than 1000 euro. For great living 2000.

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12/11/2010 22:34 EST

I've never been to Europe but had the opportunity to speak with 2 of your countrymen. The stories they told me make Macedonia a country in which I may want to live.

I'm 65 and looking to move in April of 2012. Retirement in the US is getting too expensive for me.

I don't want to live like a millionaire, just comfortably. I want to live near mountains and I want to fish. I have few requirements other than medical facilities. I would rent rather than own.

Learning your language would be a challenge but I'm willing to try

I'm not sure what I'm asking of you, it's too distant till I would move. I guess I'm just looking for someone in Macedonia who may answer questions from time to time and, I hope, give realistic advice.

Thank You

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8/3/2011 12:12 EST

looking to find an inexspensive place to live a home with some land to grow things. would want to live in the country not a city. how hard is it to get residency or natrulisation..how costly is it to live. could i open a business there. would we be welcomed or scorned. is it a safe country for a family

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10/11/2011 13:51 EST

I am planning to travel to Skopje, Macedonia, I will study for Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, so I hope to have some information about:
1- is it possible to get a job while I study?
2- renting a room / flat, how much it will cost me?
3-is living cost so expensive?
4- how well is known this university and qualifying me to have a chance working in Macedonia or in Europe generally?

Plz, I need your urgent and quick reply, I suppose to take place on 10th November.. I am waiting dears

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1/17/2012 12:26 EST

For anyone, who doesn't really has to come here I advise not to come at all. My company sent me here for work, since 2 years I keep coming back. I know everything about the country, if someone is still interested, because I saw the comment are pretty old...in the year 2012... I can answer any question, and desolve any dreams you might have about this ugly and exceptionally boring land.

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3/1/2012 13:36 EST

Is it really that bad? Why? May be moving there, should I back out of it?

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5/12/2012 19:21 EST

Let me have Your job in Macedonia - If you like you can come and live in UD- Drama Country

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6/21/2012 07:03 EST

Hi Jaki,

If you do not like Macedonia WHY you keep coming back? Are you so bad you can't find some other job in your country?

Macedonia is not perfect, but for anyone who have more than 1000 euro income on the monthly bases it is a great country to live in. The prices are far cheaper than West Europe, people are hospitable, depending of what you are looking for the land and flats are cheap.

Renting apartment in Skopje can be from 200 euro for 1 bedroom, 250 euro for 2 bedroom apartment and fully furnished 100 sqm luxury apartment is not more than 500 euro (parking spot included). For example, my friend who is living in Munich pays 790 euro for modest 29 sqm. apartment and ADDITIONAL 190 euro for the parking spot.

Lunch in the restaurant can cost you 4 euro (plate and a beer or glass of vine).
Go out in a club and you will pay bottle of wine in the restaurant 5-6 euro. One bottle of vodka in the night club is 15-20 euro.
English breakfast can cost you 2-3 euro.

You can hire a maid to clean, do laundry, iron and cook for you for 250-300 euro per month.

Well if you are nice, friendly and easy going person you will get a lot of friends in no time.
IF YOU ARE NOT - then you will be alone and miserable.

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4/7/2016 17:49 EST

I am due to visit Ohrid in May this year and would like to meet someone who is familiar with the country. I would prefer the occasional company of a middle aged lady to act as a companion and unofficial guide. I can be contacted by email-

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