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1/3/2012 11:35 EST

A little study tells me that Morrocco has great winter surf and things are cheap... but is there a surfing community there and is language a great barrier?Transportation?Housing?

1/8/2012 09:13 EST

Morocco is a great place for surf and its not that expensive
the best place to go to is taghazout and its about 30km from Agadir most of ppl speak english and there are few surf shops and lots of surfers from alover the world
any question let me know

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3/3/2012 19:54 EST

I know that there is 'surfland' in oualidia ;maybe this website will tell u more: http://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Morocco/North/oualidia/comment/index.html

3/3/2012 20:07 EST


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