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8/8/2004 03:39 EST

I am thinking about re-locating to Harare for work and was wondering what the lifestyle is like for an expat. I am a US citizen and have been to Zimbabwe twice (once for two months and another time more recently for a one week work trip). I will go with my husband/partner. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

11/4/2005 00:18 EST

hi there, i am also a us citizen who visited zim in the last four years. i have been three times with my husband and love the place immensely. i have family there who lives in sandringham-off of norton, bulawayo (in the suburbs) Mt. pleasant (another suburb) and mazoe. we visited norton and sandringham. the people are very friendly and there are many things to do in terms of the arts, historical sites, shopping, restaurants etc. it appears that people who have some economic cushion live well. however, you must make sure of that otherwise life is not that great. we have family who are doing very well and some who are not doing well at all. it all depends on where you live in zim, your economic background, your professional background and your housing situation. as an expate i know that you would live a very good life. just make sure you have found work and that your husband's family are very aware of the fact that you want to come there. maybe they can help.

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