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Bottom Bay, Barbados
Bottom Bay, Barbados
Bottom Bay, Barbados

Retiring Abroad

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Are you an overseas retiree? Our Overseas Retirement Report enables you to share what you've learned with those considering retirement abroad. Please take a few minutes to share your experiences!

As a way of helping expats research life abroad, Expat Exchange uses advice shared in our Expat Report Series to create articles that aggregate information about specific topics relevant to international relocation. We never include private information when we do this. Even though we NEVER sell, rent, or share our members private information, please consider carefully what private or personal information you share with others in our Expat Reports. Read more

Which country are you reporting about?

What is the name of the city or town that you are reporting on?

Which country are you a citizen of?

If you live in the US, which state do you live in?

What is your gender?


Why did you choose to retire abroad?

Are you retired abroad all year or part of the year?

Why did you choose the country you retired to?

Did you ever live abroad before you retired abroad?

How long have you lived abroad since you retired abroad?

How many countries (other than your home country) have you lived in as a retiree?

What have been the most challenging aspects of being retired abroad?

What have been the most rewarding aspects of being retired abroad?

What would you do differently if you were just starting the retire abroad process?

What is life like for a retiree in your city and its surroundings? (Is there an active expat community? Cultural Attractions? Recreation? Nightlife?)

What residency documents or visas did you need to obtain to retire in your host country? How difficult was this process? (Please describe)

Did you buy a home or apartment, or rent one? Is this a difficult process? (Please describe)

Financially, has living abroad in your host country met your expectations? Exceeded them?

What are the most important financial considerations for retiring to your host country?

How much can a retiree live on comfortably in your host country?

Do you have access to quality medical care? (Please describe - is it close? Expensive?)

Is there a lot of crime where you live? (Please describe)

Describe available transportation where you live. Do you need a car? Is there access to safe public transportation?

Is there high-speed internet access where you live?

Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share about retiring abroad?

Bottom Bay, Barbados

GeoBlue Expat Health InsuranceGeoBlue Health Insurance

Top-quality coverage for people who live, work, study and travel internationally.

GeoBlue Expat Health InsuranceGeoBlue Health Insurance

Top-quality coverage for people who live, work, study and travel internationally.

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