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vanesat replied to the thread American Student Seeking Internship on the Argentina forum:
jas468 initially posted:
Hello, I am an american college student of economics. I am planning on going to Argentina in June, a month and a half before my study abroad program starts. I have been looking for internships in BA for several months now without success. I have applied to abou 20 multinational and Argentine financial and industrial corporations and haven't heard anything back from most. With my legal residency permit (given to me by my study abroad company), am I not allowed to work in Argentina?? I would appreciate if someone could give me some suggestions about places that would hire me, and even restaurants/english schools that could give me a job for those few weeks. THANKS!!
vanesat replied on April 14, 2014 with:
Hello I am from Argentina currently living in the US for a while, and probably moving next year somewhere else. What kind of visa are you getting to go to Argentina, or just paying the reciprocity fee? I am pretty sure that if you do not have a special visa that allows you to work it will be more difficult. I suggest you to submit your resume (Curriculum Vitae) in several agencies HEre is a list Submit them in Spanish that will make it easier. Looking for jobs in Argentina is totally different from other countries, I find it easier and faster than the US. I don't know how this will work for foreigners, but usually it is require an ID and also a number linked to that ID LEt me know if I can help. I've moved almost 10 years ago, but I visit my family every year
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We are currently on our trip from Alaska to Patagonia. We arrive in Buenos Aires on 8th of June. We have a brilliant car for sale. It's registered in Alaska. Low price! body Style 4-Door LX Mileage 160000 Engine 3.2L V6 Transmission Automatic Ext. Color Dark Green -4WD -Aluminium Wheels -5 Passengers -Powered Mirrors -Powered Locks -Powered Windows -Air Conditioning/Heat -Cruise Control -Tilt Steering -Towing/Camper Package -Luggage Rack -Sun Roof Perfect condition, prepared for Panamerica. We just came from Anchorage. US Plates, US Insurance for US and Canada next 3 months (till September) Excellent engine V6 24V 200KM beginig of the production 2000 year(Honda Legend) Many things put new (carburetor, timing belt, filters, tires, egr) On Highway fuel consumption goes to 10l/100(21mpg) 87octane gas-the engine was tuned to fuel efficiency further info:,
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Cleo77 posted Relocating to Buenos Aires in October 2014 on the Argentina forum:
Buenos Noches, I am a 21 year old female American who has studied Spanish for six years. I am a business minded individual who has prospects of broadening my horizons, experiencing a new culture, and receiving my degree at an international university, specifically University of Buenos Aires. The highest form of education I have received in the United States is my high school diploma. I attended an American university for one year as a pre-med student, however, I decided to take a year off to travel and get a better idea of what I really want to do with my life. Also, I come from a lower class family, and I have always been very independent. With that being said, I support myself. I do not have help or much capital. I want to get my college degree, but I do not want to be tied down by the post-graduate debt that I will inquire by doing so in America. So, you could say that I am trying to beat the American system. From my research and current understanding, UBA is highly unorganized and also quite competitive. This is no problem. I am a hard working individual, and I excel in classroom/competitive environments. I am quick on my feet. However, my Spanish fluency level may be a concern. I understand the language well, and am able to write, but my speaking skills suck, to say the least. I have not yet had the opportunity to immerse myself into a Spanish speaking culture. By doing so, I am hoping to master speaking and communicating in the language within a three month time period. What I also understand is that there are not very many international students attending Buenos Aires, why is this so? I know that I will need my high school diploma for inscription, this seems to be the only form of documentation that I will need. Should I bring anything else upon arrival? Now for my budget. I will be arriving in BA with about 20,000 US dollars. I do not mind living a frugal lifestyle for the most part, I am used to doing so. I do, however, want to live in a safe part of the city, preferably Palermo, Recoleta or San Telmo. I could afford this easily off of 20,000 for awhile, but that isn't going to last me the five years that I will be living there in order to get my degree. I have bartending skills and a license, but I am aware that it is not easy to get a job there at the moment. I will also have to obtain a working visa in order to work. I WILL need a job while I am living there in order to continue supporting myself. What are your best recommendations on obtaining a job as a bartender while I am there? Preferably at a place where the wealthier people like to go (I love my tips). I also enjoy talking to/meeting new people. I have one friend who lives in Buenos Aires. He has agreed to show me around the city and help me with what he can while I am there. One person isn't a very large network, so I am looking to expend that network. This is where I am at currently and any advice would be appreciated. I have done a lot of research on this move, Argentina, and UBA so this is just a summary. I am all ears for anything anyone may have to say about this plan, and I wouldn't mind talking to anyone who is curious and may have questions. Cleo
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oldcopper posted Publisher on the Argentina forum:
I have two books in progress that are geared to the Argentine market. It is too costly to publish in the US and ship to Argentina. I am looking for an Argentine publisher that does on demand publishing and distribution. Any help finding one would be greatly appreciated.
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damondmuhammad posted Researching on the Argentina forum:
Hi, Im Jimmy. Im doing alot of research these days on living in South America. Im trying to understand the differences in quality of life between Uruguay and Argentina. Both beautiful places that are way more peaceful than im used too so please help me with HousingCosts, My goal is to be moved by the end of 2014. I am a certified teacher as well as certified in Dianostic Sonography (Sonograms). I currently live in Phoenix, AZ. U.S.
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Eposternak replied to the thread Arriving in Salta for exploratory visit on the Argentina forum:
donmackster initially posted:
Greetings Everyone. My name is Mack, European Canadian, and on an exploratory trip to find a new place to live. After a long period in Costa Rica, I am presently exploring parts of Chile and will travel by bus early next week to Salta, Argentina. (Expected arrival 2nd of April). I was hoping to get some feedback from expats living in Salta, or elsewhere in Argentina, to hear some of their experiences. Of course I would also like to meet people, so if there are places in Salta where expats meet I would be most interested to hear about that too. Any other feedback and comments, positive and negative, are most welcome. Thanks for your comments folks and looking forward to meeting some of you. Mack
Eposternak replied most recently with:
This is only half true, Argentina is 10 times worse.
Nelmi replied most recently with:
Hi, I have been living in Argentina for just over 6 years. We live in Cordoba. I cannot give you a lot of information about the life in Salta but just general information about Argentina. I always tell people that you will either love or hate the country. It is a really bad time right now and inflation is sky high. Argentina is not the cheapest country to live in. If you manage to find something that works for you then it is great and you will be happy. If not, you will be hating every minute because things here don`t work like in other countries. Don`t bargain on "Dollar Blue" because yu will not be profiting as the regulations changed a couple of months ago and Dollars can be bought again. There is a lot of crime in bigger cities. It is not because people are hungry. It is because they can do what they want. Good luck with your move.
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property in ArgentinaApartment in front Subway.Main Street. 4 bedrooms
MendozaHomes replied to the thread Moving to Argentina... looking for advice. on the Argentina forum:
tgrady3048 initially posted:
Hi, I am planning on moving to BA from the United States at the start of 2015. With the above in mind, any advice on how to get started will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. TG
MendozaHomes replied most recently with:
What area or province are you thinking to move?? Good luck
ItsMsD replied most recently with:
Hi I'm actually planing to move to argentina at the beginning of 2015 as we'll where in the U.S are you moving from??
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Hi there I'm Federico from Italy, I'd like to move to Mar Del Plata from nov 2014 to mar 2015, for a bit of vacation and hopefully to work during the next summer season. In Italy I work as pizza chef, anyone who knows restaurants owner or managers? thanks
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FlorianP posted Final Thesis in Argentina on the Argentina forum:
Hi All, coming august I have do to my final thesis for finishing my studies in a company. I am studying International Business and Management, and lived in Latin America for 1,5 years(Argentina and Ecuador). Latin America appealed to me and I speak the language decently. I am looking for options of doing my final thesis here, and was hoping that on this forum you could maybe help me or give me hints or tips of finding a company. And replies are more than welcome, so feel free to write me if you have any information. Kind regards and thanks in advance,
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