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panamajames replied to the thread Converting Argentine pesos into USDollars on the Argentina forum:
TomP initially posted:
Anyone have any suggestions how to convert Argentine pesos in Argentina into US$ Dollars and bring them back from Argentina to the USA?
panamajames replied on December 19, 2014 with:
I am watching the Black Market and the Blue Dollar in Argentina and here is what I am seeing. Dec 12 $12.65, Dec 13 $12.85, Dec 17 $13.10, Dec 18 $13.15. It appears to be on a steady rise. If anyone is seeing anything different in the market, please let me know. Thanks...........
panamajames replied on December 17, 2014 with:
I am new to Argentina, loving it so far, and will read this information and article, just so I know what to expect. I appreciate you taking the time to send it.........
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RussellO posted vets and MAC flights on the Argentina forum on December 18, 2014:
I'm looking for those who use this service to travel around South America. Where in the U.S. do you leave from for flights?
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TomP replied to the thread Living in Mendoza on the Argentina forum:
Rowena initially posted:
My husband and I are moving in December to Mendoza and are interested in housing in Quinta Section....anyone knows of anything available? Thanks in Advance(TIA)
TomP replied on December 17, 2014 with:
I might agree but a throw away car that is dependable enough for road trips will probably cost you US$10,000 or more. True, when you get ready to leave you can sell it but that could take time and the worst thing you don't want to happen is you're flying out and your car is with someone else who will supposedly sell it for you and send you the money. I have witnessed numerous times the departing party almost giving the car away to get rid of it before departure.
RussellO replied on December 16, 2014 with:
Buy a through away car it may be cheaper in the long run, you have the car for your trip and sell it when you leave.
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panamajames replied to the thread US Dollars in Argentina on the Argentina forum:
iq195 initially posted:
Hi, should I open a bank account in Uruguay in order to transfer monthly US dollars there and bring them back to Argentina? Any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
panamajames replied most recently with:
We are finding the local banks in Uruguay are giving us up to 24 dollars for our US dollars, so a much better rate than the airport in Panama rate. The airport in Uruguay was 18 or 19 dollars, so very bad. Even the credit card and debit card rate was better than the airport rates, but not quite as good as the banks here in Uruguay.
TomP replied most recently with:
In all of my travels I have experienced every Airport Cambio a ripoff, plain and simple. Never use an Airport Cambio unless you desperately need a little of the local currency for a cab or ...? I have heard stories of people arriving in BA or Mendoza and exchanging a US$1,000 for pesos at the Airport Cambio. What a mistake. Even the local Banks will give you a better rate.
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MernBA replied to the thread Restrictions on Medicine on the Argentina forum:
MernBA initially posted:
Hi I am a resident of Argentina and cannot get medicine i need from US anymore. Are there any problems getting mail or Fedex packages with medicine/ health supplements like Vitamins ( nothing narcotic or crazy)? I was thinking of staying the night at a hotel in Colonia and shipping to the hotel and crossing back over to BA. Anything I should know? Thanks so much.
MernBA replied most recently with:
I did post it in Uruguay forum and the admin thought it was somehow best answered i the Argentine forum. They need to move it back to URUGUAY forum so the expats there can respond.
elhombresinnombre replied most recently with:
There are two questions here: whether it is legal to bring those items into Argentina (are you unable to get them because of import restrictions or because of drug classification?) and whether it is legal for you to receive the items in Uruguay. I'd strongly suggest you ask the same question on the Uruguay forum. To get sensible answers you may need to explain exactly what the items are.
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panamajames replied to the thread Cost of living in Argentina on the Argentina forum:
arya6000 initially posted:
I am doing research on the cost of living in Argentina and according to this website It's pretty high. Higher than cost of living in the US. From those of you who live in Argentina. Is that list accurate? $10 for a cheap meal? and $500 for rent for s single person? If I move to Argentina, I would be moving to a small beach town. Please give me your comments about cost of living in Argentina.
panamajames replied most recently with:
Thank you so much..........Jim
TomP replied most recently with:
Jim, Nerver interacted with the BA Ex-Pat Club but here is the Mendoza Ex-Pat Club info. Email it and see if it can provide BA contacts. (54) 261 - 524.9003 (English Speaking Operator) Email: Mailing Address: 9 de Julio 1221 Segundo Piso Mendoza 5500 Argentina
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property in ArgentinaTorres Grand Boulogne Residences, is a luxury residential apartment complex being sold through MendozaHome. The complex consists of two towers located in the prestigious “Quinta Secciòn” neighborhood of the city of Mendoza. All apartments offer a spectacular view of the Andes Mountains and Parque San Martin. Availability includes apartments with 2 or 3 bedrooms and a penthouse on the top floor.
panamajames replied to the thread Opening a Bank Account on the Argentina forum:
cuPanama2015 initially posted:
I am heading into Argentina for an extended period of time, and would like to open a bank account. Is it possible for a non resident, and how do you do it? Would it be easier at a Credit Union in Argentina? I want to store a lot of Argentinian Pesos there, and perhaps get a debit card. I don't wish to carry around large amounts of cash........
panamajames replied most recently with:
Regarding the $49 flight, I think the ad said with flights starting at $49 and I thought it sounded cheap, but we can fly from Panama City to Medellin Columbia for sometimes special deals of $99. And of course there other taxes and things. By the time you are done, the $99 flight special is $130. Any idea of a website or a great airline to get to the falls from BA. And the same from the falls to Mendoza? What do you know about the lakes route from Mendoza into Chile?
TomP replied most recently with:
I use Bank Nacion and one thing I repeatedly encountered when depositing money, e.g. US$50,000 - US$100,000, was "aging". When I wired money to my Nacion account the bank always demanded proof (my USA bank statements) of where the money had been for two weeks prior. Something to do with "Money laundering" laws. I don't know about just walking up to a Bank Clerk and flopping AR 100,000 pesos or more on the counter what the Clerk will do??? Maybe Leandro knows???
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cuPanama2015 replied to the thread Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires on the Argentina forum:
HunterBourne initially posted:
I am an American who's been in Buenos Aires on a 90 day visa and will be here through Thanksgiving. Does anyone know of anywhere where there may be having a traditional American "Thanksgiving" dinner here in Buenos Aires. Guess I'm getting a little homesick for that traditional Thursday holiday dinner..... if not, guess it'll have to be yet another great Parilla dinner...haha.. Thanks in advance...
cuPanama2015 replied most recently with:
I would be interested in some sort of expat club as well, as we are spending Christmas and New Years in Buenos Airies.......How about other forums or blogs out there.....
TomP replied most recently with:
Hunter, Try and see if there is an "Ex-Pat" Club in BA and then contact them.
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ericgla posted local organizations in rural Argentina on the Argentina forum:
Hi everyone, I'm looking to meet people who work in rural community development in Argentina. This is intentionally vague, I'm just exploring what types of organizations exist. Please help plug me into the "development," "humanitarian," "community service" networks in Argentina. Much appreciated. Eric
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